'Fresh Off the Boat' Sneak Peek: Jessica Finds a Love Note in Her Son's Homework! (Exclusive)

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There's only one test Evan Huang can't pass -- keeping his budding classroom romance from his mom!

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at Friday's all-new episode of Fresh Off the Boat, titled "You've Got a Girlfriend," Evan (Ian Chen) and mom Jessica (Constance Wu) sit down to go over his latest grades.

"Though, you and I both know this is merely a formality," the confident straight-A student tells his mom as he hands his papers over.

True to his word, Jessica revels in signing her name to each perfect grade. "Are the other students jealous?" she asks. "Tell me, what do they say? What do their faces say?"

When Evan scrunches up his face in response, his mom knowingly replies, "That's the same jealous face I get when I tell people my age."

However, Jessica's proud satisfaction quickly turns to consternation when, among the A-marked assignments is a question of a different kind: A love note from a fellow student!

"Well, you failed this one," she says, holding up the note, which reads "Do you like me? Check yes or no." 

"The correct answer is no," she scolds her son, handing the note back with the "yes" response changed to a negative. "Even A-students make mistakes every now and then. Good thing I caught this one."

Fresh Off the Boat airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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