'Full House' Cast on Their Special Bond and How Bob Saget Is Still Bringing Them Together (Exclusive)

ET spoke to the cast of the hit '90s series about their bond and how they have come together since Saget's tragic death.

The cast of Full House is closer than ever. ET's Brooke Anderson spoke to Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Scott Weinger and Andrea Barber at '90s con, where they spoke about their special bond and shared how they've come together in the wake of Bob Saget's untimely passing.

"Well, it always feels like family. It always feels like a reunion," Coulier -- who played Uncle Joey on the series and the Fuller House spinoff -- said of reuniting with his cast mates. "It always feels like we're about to laugh really hard for the next 48 hours."

They've known each other for so long, that Weinger, who played Steve, told ET that the cast really is a family at this point.

"God, we've been friends for so long, for decades. It's crazy," Weinger shared. "We really are like family at this point."

"If people try to eavesdrop on our conversations, they won't understand it because there's so many inside jokes," Barber, who played Kimmy added.

While the group has had their fair share of funny moments, they've also been there for each other through trying times, including Saget's death. On Jan. 9, Saget was found dead in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida after falling and hitting his head.

"It's very immature. And like Andrea said, there's so many little inside bits that we've collected over the years. You can't really put this kind of chemistry together intentionally. It either happens or it doesn't," Coulier added of their bond before getting emotional. "And we just, we've remained family through everything all these years."

It's admittedly been tough for Coulier and the rest of the cast, who are still mourning and missing Saget.

"It's been really tough. It's been really difficult; I think for all of us in different ways. I met Bob when I was 18 years old. And I knew the Bob before he was famous Full House Bob," the 62-year-old actor and comedian explain. "And so, I share all those memories, but together, us as a family, have so many funny, amazing memories that will carry us through the rest of our lives."

Being together again, as Bure, a.k.a. DJ Tanner explained, "helps the process, through the grief."

"I think that's why this coming together to do this conference this weekend was important to us, because it was just a way for us to spend time together," Bure said. "We're excited to meet everyone and meet the fans, but we just, we wanted a good bonding weekend because it helps through, it helps the process, through the grief."

Saget, who played Danny Tanner on the beloved '90s series, was loved by many and watched the world over. While his impact continues, Weinger said it was his "huge heart" that really stood out.

"I think it was his warmth. I think that with all of his humor and famously inappropriate humor, he had a huge heart," Weinger said. "And everybody, we could, people who knew him well felt it. But the whole world sensed it and felt it. He was, it's funny this whole America's Dad, he really was."

Saget helped connect the group and keep them in contact, whether they were filming or not.

"He connected all of us, he was always texting all of us," Coulier shared. "And I would get mad at him. I would say, 'Bob, you're always on your phone.' And now I know why. Because he was always texting us and calling us and checking in. And he was always there for all of us. He would always check, 'Are you okay? I know gas prices are going up, but are you okay?' He was really the connective tissue between all of us."

Coulier is taking that role on now, with each member of the cast playing their part in keeping the group together.

"I'm the gluten that holds us together," Coulier revealed before making a joke. "I just ate a loaf of bread over there before we started the interview, so I feel great."

"It's weird, Bob still is the glue. I think we all feel like...we've got to keep it going, keep the relationship strong because, it just feels like he sort of brought us back together in a way, stronger than ever," Weinger added.

All of Saget and Danny Tanner's intricacies included.

"I will carry on the inappropriate torch," Coulier quipped. "And I will carry on the leadership in a Danny Tanner, super organized, in front of everything in charge kind of way," Bure added. "And I'm going to keep up on the deeply neurotic Jewish guy thing," Weinger noted.

As far as Saget's infamous hugs, Barber's got that covered.

For more on the cast and their special bond, see the video below.