Gaby Espino on the Importance of Self Confidence: 'It Comes From Within' (Exclusive)

Gaby Espino
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Gaby Espino knows that beauty comes from within.

The 41-year-old actress, who stars as Camila in the new Telemundo miniseries, Jugar con Fuego (Playing with Fire), opened up to ET about her latest project, as well as what makes her feel most confident.

"To be honest, above all else, I love to be comfortable," she said about her personal style. "I love to wear comfy clothes. I can wear a variety of styles and trends, but as long as I feel comfortable in them."

Espino delivered a slew of on-point looks for her Jugar Con Fuego press tour earlier this month. From a sleek and chic white jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, to a fiery red top and matching wide-legged trousers, Espino has kept fashion lovers on their toes.

Gaby Espino
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Gaby Espino
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"Us Latinas, we tend to have a curvier figure. We have to know what looks good on us and be conscious of our curves," the mother of two explained about knowing how to dress for your body type. However, the Venezuelan actress stressed that at the end of the day, having self confidence is what it's all about.

"I don't base my confidence in how my figure looks or what I'm wearing," she expressed. "It’s about me, how I’m feeling, and who I am as a human being," she said. "As for the physical part, there are days when you’re a little bigger or smaller, but you have the power in your hands. You can work hard and change that, but confidence is all about how you are as a person."

"You can change your clothes, your weight, but if you are insecure then that’s not going to help," she added. "Confidence comes from within."

Right now, Espino couldn't be happier, starring as the "sensual and bold" Camila on Jugar Con Fuego. The 10-episode miniseries follows Fabrizio (Jason Day), an attractive and charming man who comes into the lives of three women: Camila (Espino) and Martina (Margarita Rose de Francisco), both whom are married, and Andrea (Laura Perico), Martina's daughter. His arrival from Mexico disrupts Colombia in a terrible and permanent way that no one was expecting.

"Camila is sensual and bold," she described her character. "She's at a point in her life where she's starting to realize that there are still many things she wants to do in her life that might now be able to down the road. So she gets involved with Fabrizio, who comes into the city and changes everyone's lives. She thinks that she can just leave him whenever she can, but she soon finds out that it's not that easy -- and that is how she begins to 'play with fire.'"

One thing she loves about Camila is also her style, and shared that she loved getting the chance to wear breezy and fun looks while at the coffee plantation in Colombia.

"There is nothing that Camila wore that I would not wear," she said. "I would easily wear everything that she wore."

As for the new miniseries format that the Spanish-language network has started to adapt, Espino said she couldn't be happier.

"I love it because, as an actress, I also get to grow with everything that is happening in the industry," she explained. "Everything is changing and we can’t ignore it. I love it, it's something new, and everything is a lot more comfortable. It's 10 episodes, three months of work, and then I can dedicate myself to another story, another character."

The next Jugar Con Fuego episode airs Monday at 9 p.m. on Telemundo, or check the show out on

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