Gal Gadot Says She Almost Quit Acting Before Landing Wonder Woman Role

Gal Gadot at Wonder Woman premiere
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"I never thought about becoming an actress."

Gal Gadot had a different plan for her life before auditioning for the role of Wonder Woman.

In a Sunday Today interview with Willie Geist that will air this weekend, the 32-year-old actress admits that she came very close to quitting acting altogether. 

When asked how close she actually came, Gadot answers, "I was as close as it gets."

"I never thought about becoming an actress and the opportunity kind of came my way," she elaborates. "I started to become more curious about it, and then I fell in love with the profession -- but it wasn't like I was growing up dreaming of becoming an actress."

Gadot said after doing a few Fast and the Furious movies, she started to feel a little defeated when she would travel back to Los Angeles for auditions. "There's so much no," she explains. "There's so much rejection in this world that I thought, 'Maybe it's not for me. ...Maybe I should go back to law school instead of dragging my family with me.'"

Just when she was about to throw in the towel, Gadot says that's when "life shows up again."

"Then everything changed again," Gadot adds with a laugh, referring to when she was cast as Wonder Woman.

Earlier this week, ET spoke exclusively with Gadot about her life-altering year. "Honestly, the thing is, everything that's happening right now is so overwhelming," she said. "I mean, all the way from Russia and Israel to here, red carpets, talking to you, wearing [great gowns]. It's been such an amazing, crazy ride that I think I'm gonna get what's happening only in two years from now or something."

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