Gal Gadot Says She Has No Time to Be a Diva (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the 'Wonder Woman' star in promotion of her new partnership with Revlon in New York City on Tuesday.

Gal Gadot's real life off-camera isn't as glamorous as it seems!

ET caught up with the Wonder Woman star in promotion of her new role as Revlon's global brand ambassador for their Live Boldly campaign in New York City on Tuesday, where she opened up about how she's been able to stay true to herself in Hollywood amid her massively successful year in the spotlight.

"I think that having a family really keeps you grounded," Gadot, who shares two kids, daughters Alma and Maya, with husband Yaron Versano, explained to ET's Lauren Zima. "It's very clear. The priorities are very, very clear. Family comes first."

"My daughters, my husband, comes first, and then there's work that I love and I'm passionate about," she continued. "But I think that when you come back home ... you need to cook dinner, bathe them. Like, there's no room to get lost or become diva or whatever. I need to change dirty diapers."

Although Gadot's daughters are still very young -- her eldest, 6, and youngest, 9 months -- she tells ET she's raising them to be both bold and beautiful, much like the superhero she's portrayed onscreen.

"I try to make sure that [Alma] has good self-esteem and confidence and that she will love herself," Gadot explained, adding that her eldest already loves playing with makeup, even experimenting with it on Mom. "Because I think once you're that, anything is possible for you. We're trying to make sure for the next generation that there will be more opportunities, especially for women, obviously. But for me, it's about making her feel capable and worthy."

For Gadot, she says she personally feels "most beautiful" when she's well-rested, with her family or pregnant.

"[Beauty] comes from within, right? It always comes from within," she said. "And then makeup just enhances it."


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