'Game of Thrones' Series Finale: We Need to Talk About Robin Arryn's Glow-Up

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Sunday's Game of Thrones series finale was full of twists and unexpected turns, but one moment no one saw coming? The re-introduction of Robin Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie, Protector of the Vale, and best known as that kid who breast fed way too long. Until now.

Turns out, a few extra years of milk does a body good. Fans were quick to spot the character in the episode's flash forward, as he sat on a council of Westeros' most prominent lords and ladies, who were tasked with choosing a new king. 

Screenshots of the returning character, played by Lino Facioli, immediately popped up on Twitter as viewers realized this was the same Robin Arryn that they last saw as a lanky, bratty preteen back in season six. 

Facioli, 18, whose social media profiles still denote him as "that weird kid from Game of Thrones" (time for an upgrade there too, one would think) has yet to post about his return to the HBO fantasy series, but fans were sure happy to see him!

Of course, the series finale also brought some heartbreak and controversy with it, as Dany was betrayed and murdered by Jon and Bran was named ruler of the six kingdoms -- with Sansa taking the throne as Queen in the North. Check out the video below for the Game of Thrones cast's reaction to the final season.


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