'Game of Thrones' Just Blew Our Minds With the Ultimate Dragon Twist and This Changes Everything!

WARNING: Leave immediately if you have not watched this week's all-new 'Game of Thrones' episode!

WARNING: Leave immediately if you have not watched this week's all-new Game of Thrones episode. We mean it! You're about to be majorly spoiled by an insanely icy twist right…. Now!

Two words: ICE DRAGON!

Game of Thrones' penultimate episode of season seven, "Beyond the Wall," just crushed our hearts with a gut-wrenching death, and then blew our minds with an icy resurrection.

Here's what you need to know…

In an effort to save Jon and his bromantic band of companions from the clutches of the undead army, Daenerys flew her three dragons beyond the wall.

As the fighting reached a heated climax, one of Dany's dragons -- Viserion, to be exact -- was savagely murdered by a well-aimed spear thrown by the Night King.

Before the shock of that tragic loss could even sink in, the final scene of the episode gave us the ultimate series-changing chills. With the rest of his undead army surrounding him, the Night King touched Viserion's lifeless body and turned him into a white walker.

Hmm, or should we say, white dragon? Zombie dragon? Whatever!

All we know is Dany has no clue that one of her children has been brought back to life by a mythical psychopath and their inevitable fire and ice reunion is all we can think about.

What else are we thinking about? The undeniable chemistry between Jon Snow and Dany, of course!

Tyrion told Dany in this episode that it's obvious that Jon is falling for her, and after watching him bend the knee -- metaphorically -- it's clear that Daenerys has the hots for her unbeknownst nephew.

Meanwhile, back in Winterfell, Littlefinger is once again causing some very big problems. Arya confronted Sansa about the letter Cersei "forced her" to write to Robb all those years ago, and the sisters are now in the middle of a very intense Stark family standoff.

At the urging of Littlefinger, Sansa ordered Brienne down to King's Landing to attend a gathering on behalf of the Lady of Winterfell and Brienne reluctantly agreed to obey her wishes.

Who else wants to bet that there is no gathering in King's Landing and it was actually Littlefinger who sent that invitation to Sansa? (You should all be raising your hands right now, because you know we're right.)

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