Garcelle Beauvais Jokes She's Going to Need Therapy After Filming 'RHOBH' Season 11 (Exclusive)

The actress also says fans can expect Erika Jayne to open up.

Garcelle Beauvais has "made it through" her second season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -- but it sounds like it took its toll. In an interview with ET's Nischelle Turner on Thursday, Garcelle teased the "interesting" season. 

"I'm going to therapy," Garcelle joked of her experience filming season 11. "Let me tell you now."

"This season was really interesting. We have two new friends. We have a new housewife [Crystal Kung Minkoff] and we have a new friend, Kathy Hilton, and it was really interesting to have new dynamics and not be the new girl," she added. "But at the same time, there's a lot going on obviously with Erika [Jayne] and just a lot of things going on." 

Erika split from her husband, Tom Girardi, in November, after 21 years of marriage. Tom -- who is also in the middle of other lawsuits -- was recently placed under a temporary conservatorship, after his brother, Robert, claimed his current condition "has sadly deteriorated to the point where he cannot care for himself without assistance." 

"She goes there," Garcelle told ET of Erika. "I'm proud of her. She goes there." 

As for her personal drama this season, Garcelle said the other women came for her "at times." 

"But that's what the show's about," she reasoned. "If it's a kumbaya moment, nobody wants to watch that, so you kind of want to see a little bit of drama and there definitely is some." 

Last season ended with Garcelle butting heads with Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards -- and Garcelle said that friction was definitely addressed. 

"That was really important for me that at the beginning of the season that we get to talk. I wanted to talk to Kyle and I also wanted to talk to Rinna, which we did," she said. "So it will make for a good TV." 

Filming just wrapped on RHOBH, so fans will have to wait to see it all play out onscreen. In the meantime, Garcelle is co-hosting The Real on Fox. 

"I love that show so much," se said. "It's like a dream-come-true job. I always wanted to do this. I love the ladies and we're really having really great conversations." 

"There's no other show where you have a panel of all women of color and we get to have those conversations where it's not about talking about another community, we're talking about our community, what we're going through, and we're having fun," she added. 

Fans can also catch Garcelle in Coming 2 America, which debuts on Friday. The actress played a rose bearer to Eddie Murphy’s Prince Akeem in the original movie in 1988, and is coming back for round two. 
"We were giddy. It really started with Craig [Brewer], the director. He was such a fan of the first one that he set the tone for this one. We were all so happy to be back," she gushed. "Eddie looks great. We all look great. Black don't crack, therefore we all look the same." 

"It was just really surreal, because if somebody would've said [this would happen], we'd be like, 'No, get out of here. We're not doing a sequel some 30 years later,'" she added. 

Coming 2 America debuts Friday on Amazon Prime Video. See more on Garcelle on Thursday's ET. Check your local listings.