Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton to Record 'Dive Bar' Duet Live in Concert (Exclusive)

Fans going to Garth Brooks' concert in Boise, Idaho, have the hottest ticket in town!

Garth Brooks fans who are planning to attend his concert in Boise, Idaho, on Friday have the hottest tickets in town!

The country music legend revealed exclusively to ET's Nancy O'Dell that he and Blake Shelton are planning to perform their new duet, "Dive Bar," live at Albertsons Stadium.

"That Friday show, Blake is actually opening. So, he's going to fly in for that moment," Brooks revealed to ET while at Shelton's bar, Ole Red, in Nashville, Tennessee. "So, anybody coming to the Friday show, all I can say is get ready because we're going to make history."

Brooks excitedly added, "We're going to record the audio [of the song], we're going to film it, and this should be a party right here."

Both country crooners were born and raised in Oklahoma, and Brooks said that was a factor when they decided to collaborate. 

"Sometimes I didn't know if it was me or him, because we're basically raised around the same area, so it was pretty cool," the "Friends in Low Places" singer told ET.  "...When you hear the two voices together, you just go, 'Of course,'" 

As for what the song is about, Brooks shared, "It's called 'Dive Bar' and it just talks about spending your summers in the dive bars across America, and it's going to be fun."

"Dive Bar" is expected to hit country radio on June 18 -- and Brooks is already thinking about a possible music video.

"I think we have to [make a music video]!" he said. "I don't know when the last time we did a country music video was, but you don't want to pass this opportunity up. It's going to be fun."

This isn't the first time Brooks, 57, and Shelton, 42, have worked together. Brooks appeared as an adviser on season 11 of The Voice in 2016. 

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