Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell Hilariously Respond to Feud Rumors

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Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell had the perfect response to those feud rumors that have been circulating!

The CBS This Morning co-hosts were on hand Monday for the 2019 Matrix Awards, which celebrates women in communications, where they spoke with ET about rampant hearsay that they don't get along following the announcement that O'Donnell is headed to CBS Evening News.

"Norah, you would like this. I said, 'The friction between Norah and Gayle is fiction,'" King proudly told her colleague of a previous statement she made. "Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag!"

When asked why the media is seemingly embracing the rumors, King responded, "'Cause we're women, that's why. This never happens to men. When men…if there are two men and one goes the other way or things change, even if the man [is] going home, sitting at home, picking the lint out of his navel, or making calls or trying to find a job… No, nobody ever says, 'Oh so-and-so [and] so-and-so, nobody ever says that, they only say that about women."

O'Donnell chimed in, stating that the pair had worked through all manner of difficulties that make this non-controversy pale by comparison.

"I talked to Gayle immediately after the story and she said, 'Norah, we will have the last word... Every day, and we spent every day, shoulder to shoulder on CBS This Morning dealing with a lot of stuff, not only the news we cover, but the stuff that has happened at CBS."

The pair also broke into an a cappella rendition of Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder's single, "Ebony and Ivory."

King said much the same on the CBS This Morning broadcast on Monday while discussing the big changes afoot.

"I have no beef with you, you have no beef with me," King told O'Donnell during the show. "[Journalist] Tina Brown summed it up very nicely. She said this never happens to men, this kind of cutthroat business."

Check out the full chat up above.


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