Gayle King Drops 7 Pounds With 5-Day Soup Fast to Fit Into Election Night Dress

Gayle King
Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images

The 'CBS This Morning' co-host is documenting her weight loss journey on social media.

Gayle King put in the work to get ready for her election night look! The 65-year-old CBS This Morning co-host got candid on her Instagram about trying to lose weight to fit into one of her favorite yellow dresses in time for her marathon election night coverage. 

King's journey started in late October when she shared a photo of herself on the scale, showing she clocked in at 172.2 pounds. 

"CRISIS! The weight struggle is real! Fatter than I’ve been in long time .. and scared to get a pedicure (big sigh) swipe left for the way we were ...ideal weight says Dr is 163... not happening anytime soon .. blaming Corona quarantine and Halloween candy corns I just bought! Make it stop!" she wrote at the time. 

King decided to do jumpstart her weight loss with a fast to get her ready for her on-air look this week. 

"Update! Just completed 5-day soup fast and the results are in! Trying to get into mustard yellow dress for Elex night coverage TONITE ..praying to sweet Black baby Jesus it now fits, that you VOTE, and that there is PEACE," King captioned a photo of her new weight of 165 on Tuesday. "P.S. Plz withhold all negative comments about my jacked-up feet. I’m well aware they are a hot mess but not yet comfortable in a COVID environment going to nail salon... bigger issues to worry about." 

The journalist and TV personality's hard work paid off as she shared photos of herself in the yellow dress on Wednesday. 

"THEEE yellow dress aka Elex nite dress!" she captioned a series of pics of herself in the CBS studio. "Made it on the set after 5-day fast- marathon hours means no time to go home to change so said dress became pajamas as I slept 45 min on couch in green room .. TV news so glamorous! Have you ever worn same thing to work two days in a row?"

During a recent O Magazine interview with ET's Rachel Smith, King spoke about motivating herself to lose the weight amid quarantine. 

"You know how you stay motivated? Put on a dress that you used to love that doesn't fit. That's great motivation," she told ET. "...When the scale is going down you think, 'Oh the scale was wonderful!' When the scale is going up, you pick it up as I did [and] put the batteries in. 'What's wrong with this scale? This scale must be broken. There must be something wrong.'" 

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