Gayle King on How Katy Perry Ended Up Helping Her Shop for Her Future Grandson (Exclusive)

Gayle talked to ET about meeting up with the superstar while on her and Oprah Winfrey's Santa Barbara road trip.

Earlier this year, Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey hit the road 15 years after their infamous cross-country trek, and their multi-stop adventure through Santa Barbara, California, was filled with a few twists and turns, including a run-in with Katy Perry. ET's Rachel Smith spoke with Gayle about her and her lifelong friend's new series, OG Chronicles: Joy Ride, and how the pop star helped her pick out something for her future grandson.

"Katy Perry's very nice. She knows that my first grandchild is on the way. So she took us to her favorite child store, which also happens to be in Santa Barbara, Chicken Little," Gayle told ET about one of their road trip pit stops.

There, Katy helped Gayle shop for her daughter's son, the CBS Mornings co-host's first grandchild. Katy also opened up about motherhood and the essential items -- from food and clothes to toys and even multiple strollers that Gayle should shop for -- that have helped her get through the early days with her and Orlando Bloom's 1-year-old daughter, Daisy.

"She walked us through things that she thinks Kirby would like," Gayle added. "She was great, she was such a trouper because you know you gotta get up, you gotta get dressed, you gotta get presentable. But she was really into this grapevine."

Katy also shared some BTS moments from their shopping tripping, including the motherhood lessons she imparted on the pair.

"Motherhood lessons with @oprah and @gayleking: 1. Ostriches are shaped differently than babies 2. Years of burrito eating will be good prep 🌯 3. You have to brush their teeth even if they get all new ones later 🦷 I promise it’ll all make sense (and good luck @kirbybump) 👼," she captioned the clip from their fun, shopping adventure.

Fun moments like that are what helped make their time back on the road less of a road trip and more of a "joy ride."

"We're calling it a homage to the road trip. So what we did, we did a joy ride around Santa Barbara where she lives, and we surprised Oprah insiders," Gayle explained to ET. "So this was really funny, they would be on the phone, they would be on Zoom, talking to somebody from our staff asking questions about being a part of Oprah insider and we would be at the front door going, 'Hello, open the door, hello.' And you could see them go, 'Wait, somebody's at the door, hold on a second.' And they'd open their door and there we are. That was great fun."

Earlier this month, Gayle talked more with ET about becoming a grandmother and the hand Oprah has played in picking out her "grandma name."

"I'm trying to come up with a cool name, but I know I don't want to be Grandma or Nana. I'm very excited about a first grandchild, so I'm trying to come up with a great name," she shared. "But her due date is mid-September and there's no way she's gonna make it to mid-September because she looks ready to pop, pop, pop right now, and I am so psyched about it. I can't wait. I can't wait."

Gayle has been workshopping some names with Oprah and her TV co-hosts, Tony Dokoupil and Nate Burleson, and while she revealed that Oprah has nixed a few of them, as the grandma, she's going to make the final choice in the end.

"Oprah has the final say," Gayle joked, before clarifying that she's the one who will decide on the name. "She doesn't have final say on what my grandma name's gonna be."

While Oprah is the godmother to both Gayle's son and daughter, she won't be the godmother to the TV host's grandchildren. But it's not because she doesn't want her to be.

"Well, she's already godmother to my favorite son and favorite daughter, so I don't see her being godmother to the grandchildren," Gayle said.

Watch these best friends hit the road on their three-part series, streaming now on, with the finale hitting the site on Sept. 23.



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