Gayle King Reveals She Tested Positive for COVID-19, Asked to Leave Work Immediately

The 'CBS Mornings' anchor had a false-positive test in February.

Gayle King has tested positive for COVID-19. On Monday, the 67-year-old CBS Mornings anchor revealed her diagnosis. “OK, the thing I've been dreading has finally happened,” King said in a video posted to Instagram.

“I just tested positive for...I got the Rona. They run a test, another test, we’re going to take one more just to be sure. But in the meantime, I've been asked to leave the building and go home.” 

King’s video was slightly interrupted by her co-anchor, Nate Burleson, who popped in to ask, “You good?”

Showing the precautions that CBS Mornings is taking, Burleson was advised to keep walking because he didn’t have a mask on as he approached King, who was masked.  

Before signing off and as she was leaving the building, King noted that she is “double vaxxed and boosted.”  

King initially appeared on Monday's episode of CBS Mornings, which starts at 7 a.m. ET. Towards the end of the program, however, King was noticeably absent, with only Burleson and Tony Dokoupil wrapping the show. Before signing off, Dokoupil shared that King tested positive for COVID-19 and reassured viewers that she was doing OK.

The anchor gave another update, this time confirming that after four tests, her diagnosis is for real. "It looks like I have got to accept reality," she said in a video posted on Instagram. "I've had 3 PCR tests all positive, then I came home and took an at home test, two lines means it's positive. that's not good. So I've had four test that all said positive. I was hoping against hope that it would be another false alarm, because I've had two of those before."

King said that she tested negative on Friday but woke up on Saturday and had a slight cold. The anchor said that she wasn't concerned because she has had those symptoms before and has been fine. However, on Monday when she was tested, the results came back positive. 

King added that she couldn't pin point exactly where she may have contracted the virus. 

"I can say the Rona finally got me, and I've been trying really hard to avoid it. But I'm so glad I'm double boosted and double vaxxed. And lets just hope that my symptoms stay mild, because right now it really does feel like a cold, a slight cold."

In February, King and her fellow CBS Mornings anchor, Vladimir Duthiers, had a scare when they both had false-positive COVID tests. King’s results came one day prior to her vacation. In the end, both anchors were cleared to travel and return to the news desk.