George Clooney Opens Up About His Twins' Latest Milestone and Family Halloween Plans (Exclusive)

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The new dad revealed the unexpected moments he's witnessed as part of fatherhood, and how he plans on celebrating the upcoming holiday with his twins, Alexander and Ella.

George Clooney still has that new fatherhood glow about him.

The actor, producer, and father to twins Alexander and Ella sat down with ET's Carly Steel on Saturday to talk about his new film Suburbicon, and how he and his wife, Amal, are handling life with two four-month-olds

"We're still getting used to having human beings in our life," he said. "Two little human beings that we are responsible for. But it's pretty funny and it's wild." 

They've also recently reached some big milestones as a family. 

"This is an important part of my life's journey and this is really, truly the largest step in fatherhood for me at this point," the 56-year-old first-time dad gushed.

The big moment?

"Three days ago, my children started on what we would call solid food," he revealed. 

But that advancement came with some unexpected consequences.

"I don't know how it goes in as a carrot and it comes out the way it comes out," he joked. "But it was shocking. It was shocking what has changed. And I think it may never go back. I think it's going to be that way forever now, and it was terrifying."

Diapers aren't the most fun thing to handle as a parent, but luckily, Clooney has an idea for a dad-hack that can solve the problem. 

"Don't feed them solid food," he quipped. "Until they can change their own diaper, they just get milk, that would be my advice."

George and Amal also hit the red carpet on Sunday for the premiere of Suburbicon, looking stylish as ever. Amal worse a strapless blue and white maxi dress, with stunning dangling earrings, while her husband rocked a sophisticated gray suit.

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Speaking of dressing up, Clooney also dished a little on this year's Casamigos Halloween party theme.

"Bring your bell bottoms and your platforms," Clooney joked of the event's '70s theme.

"I wear platforms all the time, because my wife is tall," he added. 

He and business partner Rande Gerber aren't planning to coordinate their costumes for the party, but Clooney did drop some fun ideas for the theme. 

"I'm not sure what he's going to wear yet, but I'm sure there's going to be some sort of porn 'stache," he teased. "Some sunglasses involved, and maybe some mutton chops and stuff."

While he's ready to get in the Halloween spirit, the actor is still on the fence about dressing up the twins.

"All you're really doing that for is yourself. Right? Because the babies couldn't really give a damn at that point," he said. 

But if Amal wants the kids in a costume, she'll be getting them in costumes. "Listen, I'll get home and my wife will say, 'Oh we're dressing them up.'"

Suburbicon is in theaters Oct. 27.

For more on last year's Casamigos Halloween party, watch the video below!