George Clooney Reveals His Favorite Part of Fatherhood

George Clooney
Vera Anderson/WireImage

The 59-year-old actor has 3-year-old twins with his wife, Amal.

George Clooney's favorite part of fatherhood is all about teasing his wife, Amal Clooney. Ahead of accepting the Career Achievement Award at AARP The Magazine’s Annual Movies for Grownups Awards, the 59-year-old actor spoke to Hoda Kotb, the host of the awards show, about his life and career.

In a sneak peek clip of the chat, which will air in full on Thursday, George tells Hoda about his favorite part of being dad to his and Amal's 3-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander.

"My whole job, really, is to teach them terrible things," George quips. "I really do enjoy teaching my children to do things that shock their mother."

One such thing involves Nutella and diapers, a gag the actor pulls with the help of his kids when his wife, a human rights lawyer, is "having very serious conversations" with a "judge on a trial in the Sudan or a trial in Myanmar."

"You can take [Nutella], you can put it in the nappy, as if it's been an accident in a nappy, and then you can put it sort of down around one of your ankles, as if you've just taken off your nappy," George explains. "When mom comes in, they go, 'Mama,' and they pull off of their foot, the nappy, and they hold it out like this. And she goes, 'Oh, OK. Wait. Don't move.' And they take it and they eat it."

While Alexander used to be George's go-to kid for the prank, Ella has gotten more involved as of late.

"My daughter has now picked up the mantle," he says. "She used to think it was really gross, all the things we did, but then she saw how many laughs Alexander got and now she's taken it up, too."

As for Amal's reacting to her husband's antics, George says, "She's like, 'Really? That's what they learned today?' And I'm like, 'Well, you know.'"

"The worst thing you can do is leave me alone with them for a long period of time because the things they learn are just horrific," he adds.

George's full interview will air on NBC News' Today and Today with Hoda & Jenna on Thursday, March 25. Hosted by Hoda, AARP The Magazine’s Annual Movies for Grownups Awards will air Sunday, March 28 at 8 p.m. on PBS.