George Clooney Weighs in on Who Should Play the Next Batman

The actor played Bruce Wayne in 1997's 'Batman & Robin.'

George Clooney isn't ashamed to poke a little fun at his past roles!

Alongside his Catch-22 co-star Christopher Abbott, the 57-year-old actor, clad in a pinstripe suit, covers the latest issue of Variety. Inside the magazine and in an accompanying video interview, he gets candid on everything from TV shows he's binge-watching to who should play the next Batman.

In 1997, Clooney took on the role of Bruce Wayne for the Joel Schumacher-directed Batman & Robin film, starring opposite Chris O'Donnell as Robin. According to Forbes, the movie was a critical failure -- it made $238.2 million worldwide, the lowest-grossing live-action Batman film to date. 

Asked who he thinks should step into the role next, Clooney said, "I''m not sure."

"I screwed it up so badly, I'm not allowed to weigh in on any of those subject matters anymore," he joked.

Marco Grob/Variety

Later in the interview, Clooney was also asked whether he's seen Lena Dunham's comedy series, Girls, which ran from 2012-2017. The HBO show featured Abbott, who played Charlie Dattolo, Marnie's clingy college boyfriend-turned-drug addict.

Clooney joked that Abbott actually got the role of Capt. John Yossarian in their new Catch-22 limited series for Hulu because he watches Girls "sort of religiously."

"I actually went back and watched a couple of episodes of Chris on Girls," he admitted. "And, listen, it's not fully my cup of tea as a show but that's probably because I'm a 57 year-old man."

ET learned back in February that Clooney had signed on to play Scheisskopf in Catch-22, marking his first series regular role since he starred as Doug Ross on ER from 1994-1999. The actor explained at Hulu's Television Critics Association winter press tour that it just took the right project for him to get back in front of the camera. 

"It’s been a while," he confessed. "ER was a nutty moment in my career, but also in the lives of a bunch of actors. There was six of us who were thrown into the stratosphere. It was life-changing for all of us."

"Grant [Heslov, an executive producer on Catch-22,] and I have always been involved in television. I don’t care about the medium, I just care about the quality of work," he continued. "This is considered one of the great American novels of all time." 

Hear more on Clooney in the video below.