Gigi Gorgeous Says New Memoir 'He Said, She Said' Is the 'Most Real and Raw' She's Ever Been (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the YouTube star about her new memoir, 'He Said, She Said.'

Gigi Gorgeous is sharing her story in a way that she has never done before.

The 26-year-old YouTuber stopped by ET Live on Thursday to talk all about her debut memoir, He Said, She Said: Lessons, Stories and Mistakes From My Transgender Journey, on shelves now.

"He Said, She Said is actually a double entendre," Gigi told Jason Carter. "'He Said' is referring to me before I transitioned, and 'She Said' is referring to me how I think now. I get asked all the time, 'What advice would you give your previous self, your previous gender, growing up, being bullied?' And I think it's really interesting to have that back and forth in this book. That's how I speak."

Detailing how she wanted her book to have a "tabloidy and gossipy" feel for her fans, Gigi her vision for the artwork, "I think a lot of times, things get lost in the game of telephone we play. So I wanted it to look like a Cosmopolitan cover."

With more than eight million followers across all social platforms, what does this new memoir have that fans don't already know?

"It's definitely the most real and raw that I have ever gotten," she expressed, adding that her documentary, This Is Everything, was "everything" but by reading her words fans can "learn a lot more."

"I put a lot more work into this. This is literally all me, two years of work, even more, and I finished writing it when I was 25," she shared. "So everything that I have been through, lessons, stories and mistakes, it's the good the bad and the ugly. So strap in."

In He Said, She Said, Gigi gets candid about her first love, first sexual experiences, five-finger discounts and her family, whom was very supportive of her throughout her transition. However, the social media queen says her father might be "shocked" and cringe while reading some of the first chapters.

Gigi, meanwhile, is now happily in love and engaged to her longtime girlfriend, Nats Getty. While she wants to maintain her wedding plans a secret, she was all smiles as she showed off her giant sparkler.

As far as what she wants fans to take away from her autobiography, she said, "You don't have to know me to read this book. I think it goes beyond our community," adding that the book is "about chasing your dreams, achieving some of them and most importantly telling my story."

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