Gigi Hadid Shares Behind-the-Scenes Video From Maternity Shoot at 33 Weeks Pregnant

Gigi Hadid 1280
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Gigi Hadid is pregnant and glowing.

Gigi Hadid is pregnant and glowing. On Monday, the 25-year-old model shared behind-the-scenes footage from her glamorous maternity photo shoot in July, showing off her bare baby bump.

In one shot, Hadid is wrapped up in nothing but sheer gauze as her hair blows. In another pic, she wears a white sports bra, leaving her jeans unbuttoned to show her burgeoning belly. The third photo shows her in white with her hair slicked back.

"Making-of :)," she wrote.

She also posted the end result, sharing a few of the stunning photos taken by photographers Luigi and Iango. Hadid revealed in one of the captions that she was 33 weeks pregnant at the time.

Last month, a source told ET that Hadid and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, were "excited to welcome their daughter very soon."

"Gigi has been enjoying pregnancy and everyone around her knows she'll be the best mom," the source said. "Gigi publicly hasn’t shared much because she knows now is not the time to share everything as there is much more important things going on in the world like coronavirus and BLM. Gigi feels her platform is better used to highlight and bring awareness to those things right now."

"Gigi hasn’t been private with family and friends," the source added. "She’s documented everything and shares photos and her progress with the people around her.”

For more on Hadid's pregnancy, watch the video below.