Gillian Anderson Reacts to Prince Harry's Opinion of 'The Crown'

The Golden Globe winner said the Duke of Sussex is 'well-qualified to judge what is fact or fiction.'

Gillian Anderson is reacting to the recent revelation that Prince Harry has seen The Crown.

On an episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, the Duke of Sussex was asked about his thoughts of the Netflix drama, which took home four awards at the Golden Globes on Sunday night -- including a win for Anderson's performance as Margaret Thatcher. Harry made a point to call The Crown a "fictional" take on the royal family, though he acknowledged that the series is "loosely based on the truth" and that it offers "a rough idea about what the lifestyle, what the pressures of putting duty and service above family and everything else, what can come from that."

Following her Globe win, Anderson was asked about Harry's candid reaction to The Crown, telling reporters in the virtual press room, "I would say that Harry is fairly well-qualified to judge what is fact or fiction and it was pleasing to hear he understood what Peter [Morgan] is trying to do on The Crown."

"That he is telling a nuanced story of the challenges of putting duty and service before love and family and that he has certainly many, many years of experience with that. I think it was nice to be on the outside and also on the inside of a show that I care about hearing perhaps that subject addressed," she continued.

Anderson's co-star, Emma Corrin, who also won a Golden Globe for her performance as Princess Diana, addressed Harry's remarks as well following her big night.

"Peter's version of The Crown, it is so fictional and it feels so removed from the actual royal family. So on one level I feel like it is so distant -- it feels so disparate -- but on the other hand obviously the characters are based on real people," she told reporters. "I saw the interview he did with James Corden and I felt incredible grateful to him actually. I'm incredibly moved by what he said and I don't know what I would talk to them about. I haven't thought about it that much but the way he spoke about it and the fact that he's watched it... I was very moved by the fact that he managed it."

Josh O'Connor, who earned his first Golden Globe for playing Prince Charles, approved of Harry's choice -- Homeland and Billions star Damian Lewis -- to play him in a future season of The Crown. He also expressed enthusiasm over the fact that Harry watches the drama.

"I'm delighted. I'm delighted that he watches it," O'Connor told ET on Sunday. "I think anyone who watches it is a great... you know, that's what we're there for." 

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