Gleb Savchenko Says He's Joining 'Dancing With the Stars' All-Athlete Season (Exclusive)

Gleb Savchenko
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The pro dancer shared the news with ET at the PRO Dance Camp workshop in Palm Springs, California, on Friday.

Gleb Savchenko is officially headed back to Dancing With the Stars!

The 34-year-old dancer confirmed to ET on Friday during the PRO Dance Camp workshop in Palm Springs, California, with Gleb Savchenko, Alan Bersten and Artem Chigvintsev, that he would be returning for the upcoming all-athlete season.

"Yes, I am!" he excitedly confirmed to ET. "For sure."

Savchenko's confirmation comes a week after Witney Carson said that she would be returning to the show, though it's unclear if she'll be part of the all-athlete competition or the regular fall season. Meanwhile, Bersten and Chigvintsev played coy when ET asked if they would be featured on all-athlete season. "I'm looking forward to it… just going to say that," Chigvintsev replied.

So is the full lineup already set in stone? "I have no idea on that. Honestly, I haven't had much time to think about it. I've had no time," Savchenko, who just wrapped the DWTS live tour last Sunday, said. "We just came off the bus, off the tour, and now we're here. So, a lot of work. But that's next [to think about]."

The dancer is ready to get back on the dance floor and also dished on who he'd like to be partnered with this season. 

"I would love to have as a partner someone who has done something connected to music. Probably a figure skater," he shared. "Someone young, someone with energy. And just someone really who wants to win. I need a mirrorball."

"But someone who's really good. Great personality is important but it's also important that this person is capable of doing stuff. So it's not just like, I'm working with someone great, but she's 65-years-old and can barely do anything," Savchenko added with a laugh. "So yeah, someone who is really good."

As far as how this special all-athlete season will work, Savchenko explained that it will only be about four weeks. "What I think is going to happen, we're going to have two dances a week," he explained. "We have three weeks of rehearsals, four weeks of the show, and each week, we have two couples go home. So, it'll be really intense. It’s gonna fly!"

As more news comes our way on which pros will be returning, rumors have been circulating over who the athletes participating in the spring season may be. ET recently sat down with Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, who reacted to rumors that he's joining the upcoming season. Watch below to hear what he said.

Dancing With the Stars' all-athlete season begins Monday, April 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Reporting by Desiree Murphy.