Gleb Savchenko's Ex-Wife Files New Declaration Claiming He's 'Not Available' to Take Care of Their Daughters

In new court docs obtained by ET, Elena Samodanova is claiming her ex has failed to hold up his end of their divorce agreement.

Gleb Savchenko's ex-wife, Elena Samodanova, has filed new docs claiming that the Dancing With the Stars pro is "not available" to take care of their two daughters.

In the docs, obtained by ET, Elena, who shares Olivia, 11, and Zlata, 4, with the dancer, is claiming that Gleb has not been upholding his end of the parenting plan made in their divorce agreement.

Elena agreed to alternating with the kids every five days to uphold the divorce agreement. However, in the docs, she claims Gleb's schedule has changed, and he spends a lot of time outside of Los Angeles for work and can no longer uphold the agreement.

"Soon after the Judgment was signed, Respondent's schedule changed, and he was not available to take care of our daughters. Due to Respondent's long work hours and travels in 2022, he is unable to exercise custody pursuant to current parenting plan," Elena claimed in her declaration. "Notwithstanding the foregoing, Respondent refused to amend the schedule amicably and I was forced to file the pending RFO." 

In addition, Elena claims that Gleb will be out of town until May of this year, forcing him to miss time with his daughters and some of their extracurricular activities, like their daughter Zlata's gymnastics classes.

"As detailed in my RFO and confirmed by Respondent's own ex-parte request, he is not in Los Angeles and cannot exercise the parenting plan pursuant to the Judgment. Waiting for another several months will prolong an obsolete parenting plan, which is not in our daughters' best interests," she went on to claim.

Because of Gleb's work schedule and the travel that allegedly keeps him away from his children, Elena is asking for full custody of the girls, citing several exhibits her counsel claims are proof of him not honoring the agreement.

"Based on the foregoing, I respectfully request that the Court deny Respondent's ex-parte request for a continuance. If the court does grant the continuance, I request, primary physical custody/parenting time pending the hearing and the right of first refusal when Respondent is unable to care for our children for a period of 24 hours," the docs continued. "In the event that Respondent returns to Los Angeles for more than one ( 1) day at a time, I ask that the children reside with me on all weekdays and alternating weekends. I have facilitated visits when Respondent is in Los Angeles and has the time to see our children as his schedule allows. See Exhibit '2.' I will continue to do so."

A hearing is set for March 21.

ET has reached out to Gleb's attorneys and reps for comment.

Elena announced her and Gleb's split after 14 years of marriage in November. Soon after, she accused Gleb of having multiple affairs during their marriage. However, after the emergence of photos showing her kissing another man in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Gleb went live on Instagram to claim that their split was "mutual."

While this filing has their parenting plan in question, their divorce was made final in October, after a judge signed off on their finalized divorce judgment.

Gleb opened up about the couple's co-parenting relationship last March, telling ET that despite past custody disagreements and squabbles over spousal support, the pair was on "great terms."

"We're trying to move on, we're friends, we're co-parenting together, we're on great terms," he said at the time. "Co-parenting is fun. We made it a lot of fun for the kids."

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