Glenn Close Calls for 'Empathy and Understanding' During 2019 SAG Awards Acceptance Speech

Glenn Close, 2019 SAG Awards
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner

The actress stopped to kiss fellow nominee Lady Gaga before taking the stage, where Gary Oldman presented her with her Actor.

If Glenn Close is in your category, then it's an honor just to be nominated. That was again proven on Sunday night when she won Best Actress for her performance in The Wife at the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Close stopped to give fellow nominee Lady Gaga a kiss on her way to the stage, where Gary Oldman was waiting on one knee to present her the statuette.

"We can't keep meeting like this," she told Oldman. "Oh my gosh...I am so proud to receive this award from my fellow actors. And I think of all of us sitting in the room and all of you watching on TV, all of you who haven't had the chances that we've had and I salute you with this!"

As with her acceptance speech when she won the Golden Globe earlier this month, Close used her time at the podium to make a statement, in addition to all her requisite thank you's.

"One of the most powerful things that we have as human beings are two eyes looking into two eyes," she said. "Film is the only art form that allows us the close-up. And it substitutes for real life two eyes looking into two eyes. I think we have to remember how powerful that is in a world that is consumed with different-sizes screens."

"That the power that we have is two human eyes looking into two other eyes. That will give us empathy and understanding," Close wrapped up, thanking her co-stars and director and her union. "Thank you so much for honoring me with this. I honor you."