Golden Globes 2019: Hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh on What to Expect From Star-Studded Night (Exclusive)

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg are clearly going to make an incredible pair hosting the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday.

If Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg's joint interviews are anything to go by, these two are going to make an incredible pair hosting the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday.

ET's Keltie Knight spoke with Oh and Samberg on Thursday ahead of the big night, and the duo joyfully talked about working together. Prior to nabbing the hosting gig, they actually stole the show when they presented together at the 2018 Emmys last September.

Oh said she had no idea they would later be chosen to host the Golden Globes together.

"I would actually separate it," she said. "The Emmys is not an audition for the Golden Globes. The Emmys is a fantastic show in and of itself, and we were there for that, and it just so happened people could see our chemistry -- which is terrible." 

However, Samberg disagreed about the fateful Emmys moment. 

"I was hoping when we walked out there we would get this gig," he said, while Oh burst out laughing. "But I'm like, climbey. Always trying to leverage into the next thing. I'm kind of thirsty AF."

As for what we can expect from this year's Golden Globes, Samberg said to not expect any big gimmicks, but rather, more intimate comedy.

"The Globes are not notorious for any pre-tapes or big musical numbers," he explained. "It's kind of the joy and limitations of the space. It's a smaller room, a smaller stage, and I think because of that, it's great for comedy, maybe not necessarily for big showy numbers."

Later, Samberg also playfully shaded Bradley Cooper -- who will be presenting on Sunday with his A Star Is Born co-star, Lady Gaga -- after ET suggested a quartet performance. 

"Oh, I don't sing," Oh replied.

"Well, neither does Bradley Cooper, so you're in good company," the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star cracked as Oh once again burst into laughter. "Just kidding, everyone loves it."

The Golden Globes airs live on Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. 

For more on Oh and Samberg's big hosting gig, watch the video below:


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