Goldie Hawn Says She Cries 'Probably 3 Times a Day' Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Goldie Hawn
BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The 74-year-old star is concerned for how others are coping with the crisis.

Goldie Hawn is struggling to come to terms with the state of the world. The 74-year-old actress appeared on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, where she talked about how she's handling the coronavirus pandemic.

"The reality is that the people that really I'm worried and concerned about are the people that are actually incarcerated or they feel that they are in their apartments," the mother of two said. "It's not a house. It doesn't have a garden they can go out into. So we're very, very lucky and I'm incredibly grateful." 

Despite feeling fortunate for her own situation, Hawn admitted that she struggles with knowing that others are suffering. 

"What I do feel is a tremendous angst, a tremendous sadness," she said through tears. "I find that every day honestly I cry probably three times a day because it hurts me to think that there's abuse going on. There's anger going on. And it all has to do with confinement, fear, uncertainty, what's going to happen." 

But Hawn did have a message for scared viewers, urging them to live in the moment and appreciate their current lives as best they can. 

"If you live right now, you could enjoy these moments, they're in you," she said. 

For more on how stars are coping amid the coronavirus pandemic, watch the clip below: