Gordon Ramsay Faces Backlash Over Sexual Comments Made to Sofia Vergara in Resurfaced Clip

The pair appeared on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' in 2010.

Gordon Ramsay is stirring up controversy.

The 52-year-old chef is facing backlash after his 2010 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno resurfaced. In the clip, Ramsay is seen making repeated sexual comments to his fellow guest, Sofia Vergara

The appearance began with a skit where Vergara yells at both Leno and Ramsay for cooking her "disgusting food." As soon as she stepped on stage for her interview, she asked, “Did I scare you guys?” 

“I never scream like that in real life," the 46-year-old actress added. It was all acting.”

Ramsay responded by touching her arm and asking, “Only in the bedroom?”

While Vergara scooted away from the TV chef and made an uncomfortable face, Leno told Ramsay, "Well, you would never know."

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Later in the interview, Vergara shows off some photos from her European vacation. After the screen flashes away from a pic of Vergara in a bikini to one of her eating pizza, the host exclaimed, "Go back to the other picture! Think we have a female director? Duh!"

For his part, Ramsay commented on the photo of Vergara eating. “You seem like you’re enjoying that," Ramsay said. "You had a whole wedge in your mouth at one time? You haven’t heard of a knife and fork?” he said.

“You don’t eat pizza with a knife and a fork,” she replied with an irritated expression.

“You just pick it up and stick it in,” he responded.

"He's English," Leno said by way of explanation for Ramsay's behavior.

"Why is it that every time I come to this show you have people with accents?" Vergara quipped, trying to move the conversation along.

Later on, Leno asked how much weight Vergara gained while on vacation.

The Modern Family actress seemed to take offense at the question, asking, "What kind of question is that?" 

After refusing to give a number of pounds gained, she said, "A couple of pounds. It's OK, I was on vacation! Nobody is perfect, Jay."

Later Vergara showed off her favorite dessert from her home country of Colombia. While Leno seemed to enjoy the dessert, Ramsay declared that it tasted "like sh*t fudge" before spitting out and telling Vergara that she "can take it back to f**king Colombia."

The exchange prompted Vergara to jump up and jokingly try to slap Ramsay. "What is the English cuisine anyway? Fish and chips, that's all you eat," she said.

Ramsay went on to slap the side of her leg, which she responded to by exclaiming, "No touching!" From there, the chef mocked Vergara's son's name, Manolo, telling the actress that it "sounds like a paint."

"OK, this is my interview," she insisted. Ramsay responded to that assertion by jumping up to sit on Vergara's chair. The interview ended with Vergara leaning over to hug the chef.

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ramsay, Vergara and Leno have all yet to respond to the clip. ET has reached out to their reps.

Twitter users swarmed after the clip resurfaced, with some calling Ramsay "awful" and others commenting that Vergara should have "had him charged with sexual harassment."