Sofia Vergara, Gina Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and More Stars Support Latina Equal Pay Day

Sofia Vergara Gina Rodriguez
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Phenomenal Latinas are standing up!

Gina Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria and many more Hispanic stars are uniting to support Latina Equal Pay Day by posting photos of themselves in t-shirts with the words "Phenomenal Latinas," and speaking out on the pay disparity between those among the Latinx community.

Latinas make just 53 cents for every dollar the average white, non-Hispanic man makes, according to Forbes. Now, women are fighting back and asking for more.

"Today is #LatinaEqualPay Day where we must fight for equal pay. There’s still so much work for Latinas to do to be treated equally. I am #phenomenallyLatina, and I support Latina equal pay! ???????? ," Vergara captioned her shot.

"The gap has widened since last year, and for some, it's even worse. This is an injustice, and there's still so much work to do for Latinas to be treated equally," theJane the Virgin star wrote. "Me and my sisters at @timesupnow support Latina equal pay!"

Longoria, on her end, advocated for more education as "the first step towards making a change."

Jessica Alba, who has created an empire with her Honest Co. company, also jumped aboard and called for "Latinas to be treated equally."

The Phenomenally Latina t-shirt is part of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, supporting and helping raise funds for a variety of women’s rights organizations, including the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH), as well as advance health, dignity and justice for the Latinx community.

The campaign is inspired by Maya Angelou's famous poem, “Phenomenal Woman.” See how more Latinas supported the cause.

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I got my pinchos in because I’m putting in the work! A trabajar! Latinas work just as hard as white male workers. Our work is also just as valuable. We should be paid just as much as white men are paid. But, new data reflects that Latinas are being paid an average of just 53 cents to the dollar paid to white male workers. This is not only wrong, but it is also harmful. It harms Latina workers, their families and the US economy. It gets worse. Latinas who are also immigrants get paid even less, with some earning just over 30 cents to the dollar paid to white men. As a result, Latinas will be denied over 1 million dollars over the course of our 40-year career because of this pay gap. This means that we will have less money to meet our basic needs. We will have less money to invest and save. We will also have less money to support our families. Latinas consider the pay gap among one of our most pressing issues. This November, Latinas across the country will be paying attention to where political candidates stand on closing the pay gap. I am Latina. I support equal pay for Latinas and all workers. And, I vote. Join me! And, vote in the 2018 midterm elections. @timesupnow #phenominallylatina November 6🙏🏾 Photo @lelunddurond Stayed tuned for more on this soon from @MonicaRamierzDC !

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