Gordon Ramsay Reveals the Recipe Gigi Hadid Shared With Him (Exclusive)

The chef modified the model's recipe to use during a recent charity event.

Gordon Ramsay is taking cues from Gigi Hadid! ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with the celebrity chef ahead of his fundraiser, which was held over the weekend, and he revealed how he modified a recipe from the model to use during the charity event.

"Gigi Hadid sent me an amazing recipe a couple weeks back. It was her shrimp pasta," he revealed of the model, whom he met while filming MasterChef Celebrity Showdown in 2016. "... I'm gonna do an elevated version of that, almost like a Bloody Mary with lots of vodka and a little bit of spice and sort of do a parents' Tagliatelle. Simple and delicious."

Ramsay whipped up the recipe during the charity event, which was titled Cookalong with Gordon Ramsay Live to Remake the Viral Food Trends of 2020. In an effort to "put a twist" on and "elevate" the viral trends of 2020, Ramsay also made a "banana bread pancake cereal with a beautiful sort of wintery-infused milk."

The Facebook livestream raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Additionally, the social media site has pledged to donate the same amount raised to World Food Program USA. While the livestream has already concluded, fans can still donate to the cause and enjoy the show by purchasing tickets to view the whole event on Facebook through Dec. 28.

"These charities have been struggling massively and they've had one of the toughest years on the planet," Ramsay explained. "... We are donating tonight to Great Ormond Street Hospital. It's a children's hospital... We have a foundation there. We've been set up for the last five years, meeting the parents and trying to get the kids through those horrific times. It's tough."

When Ramsay isn't spending his quarantine cooking for charity, he's been busy in the kitchen preparing meals for his family. Ramsay and his wife, Tana, share Megan, 22, Jack, 20, Holly, 20, Tilly, 19, and Oscar, 1.

"Lockdown, for me, it's like running a restaurant where nobody goes home," he quipped. "Breakfast, lunch and dinner, man, the old man's back at the stove. 'Dad, what's for breakfast? Dad, what's for lunch? Dad, can we have that lamb that we had last week for dinner?' So it's almost like this beautiful sort of neighborhood restaurant that our house got turned into."

In addition to cooking, Ramsay has spent some time on TikTok with his daughter, Tilly, often participating in the app's latest challenges.

"Tilly is very conniving at 19 years of age. She's got me around her little finger," he said of how Tilly convinced him to participate in her TikTok videos. "It is a bit of fun. I have had the most time with these kids this year, more than ever before."

Ramsay noted that he's enjoyed "beyond belief" the time he's gotten to spend with Tilly and the rest of his children amid quarantine.

"What it's done for the Ramsays is sort of brought everyone together," he said. "When you're around the table over a simple soup or salad or dinner and you're breaking bread, you really get to help them."

While Ramsay is grateful for his family-filled year, he knows 2020 has brought challenges and hardships for many. Looking ahead to 2021, the chef urged his fans "to stay positive" in the days ahead.

"This pandemic took everybody by storm and has been devastating for many families, but we are going to get through it. I think of the disasters we've experienced the last 20 years [and think] we will come out of this, and we'll come back better and stronger," he said. "What I'm hoping for is that we come back more united, less separated."

You can catch more of Ramsay on Dabl Network, and the Cookalong With Gordon Ramsay event can still be accessed on Facebook until Dec. 28. 



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