'Grey's Anatomy': Is Meredith Grey Going to Prison? See the New Promo!

Grey's Anatomy

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Meredith Grey, Seattle's newest cellmate?

The suspended Grey's Anatomy doctor faces her biggest legal hurdle yet after she failed to show up for her court date to address missed community service from her court-appointed sentence as a result of committing insurance fraud. But it wasn't all intentional. Meredith's young daughter, Zola, was rushed to emergency surgery, forcing Meredith to pick family over her court appointment.

When her lawyer showed up at the end of Thursday's episode to deliver the news to Meredith, it wasn't entirely rosy. After revealing that she somehow got out the judge's last "drop of humanity," Meredith's attorney shared that she would still have to serve out the remaining hours of her community service.

But not in the comfort of her own home or back on the crew picking up trash on the side of the freeway. Meredith will be serving her missed time inprison.

In a new teaser for next week's Halloween-themed hour, Meredith -- rocking a red prison jumpsuit -- is startled awake as her cellmate stares over her in their cell. "You're scaring me," Meredith says, to which her cellmate pipes back, "Happy Halloween!"

Later, Meredith urges one of the prison guards to let her celebrate the holiday with her children, but it doesn't click into her brain that she's not going to be able to come and go as she pleases. "I have three kids at home and I have to get a costume...," Meredith . "You can go as Sad Mom," the officer deadpans. 

Watch the new promo for next week's episode below.

After the season 16 premiere, ET spoke with showrunner Krista Vernoff about why Meredith only seemingly got a slap on the wrist instead of a jail sentence for committing insurance fraud.

"For the first third of our season is dealing with the fallout of the decision she made at the end of last season. She got several hundred hours of community service. She didn't get a cushy clinic gig, she got picking up trash on the side of the road, and now the medical board is coming after her license," Vernoff said in September. "So, this definitely gets more complicated for Meredith -- who is not a rule follower -- before it gets any better."

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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