'Grey's Anatomy' Star Caterina Scorsone Shares Pic of Daughter in Support of Down Syndrome Awareness Month


Caterina Scorsone is one proud mom, and recently shared some beautiful photos of her daughter in support of Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

The Grey's Anatomy star posted adorable pics of her daughter, Paloma Michaela, who was born with Down Syndrome, on her Instagram, and spoke out about the importance of understanding the chromosomal condition.

"Here’s a little info. 1 in 700 babies is born with Down syndrome. Language is important. Parents don’t have a 1 in 700 “RISK” of having a baby with Down syndrome. Parents have a 1 in 700 CHANCE of having a baby with Down syndrome, just like they have a 50 percent CHANCE of having a girl and a 50 percent CHANCE of having a boy. (With some beautiful variations in there as well)," Scorsone explained in the caption.

Scorsone concluded, "Differences are beautiful. Language changes how people think. Words are important."

The 36-year-old welcomed Paloma in 2016, and another daughter, Eliza, in 2012 with her husband, Rob Giles.

The actress has been vocal on her Instagram in supporting children born with Down Syndrome, applauding companies like American Girl, Gerber and Anthropologie for including children with Down Syndrome in their advertising. She's also lobbied for research funding in her posts.

While things are happy off-screen for Scorsone, the drama onscreen for her Grey's Anatomy character, Amelia, is heating up. Check out what's coming this season in the video below.


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