'Grey's Anatomy'-'Station 19' Crossover: Jason George Teases 'New Level of Danger' (Exclusive)

Grey's Anatomy-Station 19 Crossover
Kelsey McNeal/ABC

The actor talks to ET about the upcoming crossover event in January.

The upcoming Grey's Anatomy-Station 19 crossover is going to knock your socks off -- literally.

After the Grey's fall finale culminated with a shocking cliffhanger when a car plowed straight through the windows at the popular Seattle hangout, Joe's Bar, leaving several major Grey's and Station 19 characters in extreme danger, fans were left asking one question: Who makes it out alive? An ominous teaser showed the devastating aftermath of the crash, as their colleagues race against the clock to save them from seeing a fatal end. 

"Now that we have both shows working out of the same brain that [executive producer] Krista Vernoff is running both shows, it's going to be a universe. It's not one of those shows that occasionally shows up... We show up, we pull you out of the fire, we pump your heart because you're lying on the street in a car accident, we throw you in the ambulance and we get you to Grey Sloan hospital," Station 19 star Jason George told ET following Wednesday's Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations announcement at the Pacific Design Center in Beverly Hills, California.

"It's a two-hour block that's going to be ridiculous because it's crazy to shoot. I’ll tell you that everyday it's like, 'So where am I?' They're like, 'Well, you're at Grey's in the morning and Station 19 and then you're at Grey's in the afternoon," George said, adding that it's akin to TV's own version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For George, who began on Grey's before jumping over to Station 19, bouncing around both shows on a more regular basis has injected a new kind of energy into the experience. 

"The crossover has been fun," he said. "It's been there's a new level of sexy that's coming in and a new level of danger. The first [episode of Station 19] is a crossover out the box where if you saw the winter finale of Grey's Anatomy, a car smashes through Joe's Bar. If you know Joe's Bar, it’s where everyone is sitting and drinking..."

While there's reason to worry about the fates of many key characters, George gave reason for fans to at least take a small sigh of relief when it comes to one doctor-turned-first responder.

"I’m not going to say it but [Ben Warren] makes it out OK," he said of his character. "So we got to use all the skills -- from doctors and firefighters to save everybody in the joint."

When asked if there could be double the loss this time around, George played coy, saying anything goes when it comes to creator Shonda Rhimes and her ability to make even the coldest hearts break. "She's breaking people's hearts. That's what she does!"

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, Jan. 23 in its new time, 9 p.m. ET/PT, as part of a two-hour crossover event with Station 19, which takes over Grey's' old time slot at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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