'Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington Shares Rare Photo of 6-Month-Old Son Lucas

The new mom and 'Grey's Anatomy' star shared a sweet snap of her son gazing at a picture book.

Camilla Luddington is sharing a sweet snap of her 6-month-old son, Lucas. The Grey's Anatomy star took to Instagram to share a photo of her baby boy, dressed in a bright red sweater, gazing down at a large picture book he had propped in his hands. The mother-of-two couldn't help but notice a striking, similar feature she and her son share, their cheeks!

"Lucas ❤️ *he has my cheeks 🤣," Luddington captioned the rare photo of her youngest child.

The actress --  who also shares a 3-year-old daughter, Hayden, with husband, Matthew Alan --  welcomed Lucas back in August. The 37-year-old celebrated the news by sharing a photo from her hospital bed.

"After what felt like a year long third trimester... it finally happened!! Matt and I are SOOO happy to announce the birth of our sweet baby BOY Lucas, otherwise known as my little lion 🦁 (shoutout to Leo’s!)" she shared.

ET's Katie Krause spoke to Luddington in December about what it was like to give birth during a pandemic.

"It was scary to give birth during everything, it really was," Luddington admitted. "I tried not to think about it, but things are just different. Like for example, my husband couldn’t come to any of my ultrasounds and then obviously when you're about to give birth. We gave birth at Cedars and everyone there is wonderful, but you have to wear a mask and you have to wear a mask in labor. So I was in labor and in a mask, over fifteen hours which was like, pretty daunting."

The actress said an epidural helped her relax and made her forget about the mask she was wearing.

"Once I, you know, got my epidural and everything like that, I kind of relaxed enough to sort of forget about the mask to be honest. But it was daunting," she shared. "Usually your baby kind of goes off to the nursery, and you know you get sleep at night, a little bit at the hospital. But the babies are kept with you, so... things just look a little bit different for sure. And they feel different. No visitors, none of that happening."

Watch the video below to hear Luddington dish on some Grey's Anatomy secrets and plot twists.