Gwen Stefani Gives Blake Shelton a Quarantine Haircut on 'The Tonight Show' With Jimmy Fallon

The cute couple chatted with Fallon via video chat while social distancing together in Oklahoma on Monday.

When you're stuck in self-quarantine and need a haircut, you've got to go to whoever is willing to help. For Blake Shelton, that means his adorable ladylove Gwen Stefani.

Shelton chatted with Jimmy Fallon on Monday's The Tonight Show: Home Edition, and he joined the host via video chat from his ranch home in Oklahoma, where he's staying with Stefani and a few other family members.

During their conversation, Stefani surprised Fallon when she joined the interview, and explained that she was booked to give him a haircut and they weren't going to change plans just for a talk show chat.

"Today, we had already scheduled that it was haircut day, so I have my clippers, I got my attachments," she said, before buzzing the sides of Shelton's silver hair, giving him an odd blend of a punk 'do and a mullet.

While getting his cut, Shelton opened up about life on the ranch and how he and his girlfriend are spending their days hunkered down during the coronavirus outbreak.

"Gwen's learned how to bake bread really good, sourdough bread," he shared. "Literally, it's like Little House on the Prairie out here. She bakes bread, I've been building a fence and gardening. We're pretty self-sufficient out here."

He also opened up about The Voice, and how the show plans on dealing with social distancing mandates and production shutdowns.

"We're gonna have to do The Voice in some fashion like this," Shelton said, referring to their video chat interview. "Because obviously the live shows are coming up here in just a matter of weeks, and, especially in LA, we're not gonna be ready to have events again."

Shelton predicted that getting back on track is "gonna be nuts" and admitted that he didn't exactly now what the producers had in mind for the future.

"I think they have a plan and they're gonna tell me when to be at the computer," Shelton said with a laugh.

As Stefani wrapped up the cut, Shelton asked his ladylove to shave a "J" and an "F" on to each side of his head, in honor of Fallon -- and he wasn't kidding around.

"You are so Tiger King right now, you have no idea!" Fallon said excitedly as Shelton showed him the wild 'do.

A source told ET on Monday that Shelton and Stefani's relationship is "stronger than ever" as they practice social distancing together in Oklahoma, writing music together and spending quality time with family.

"They're living a quiet life in the country right now," the source said. "They decided that separating themselves from city life was best for their family. Right now, they feel blessed to have a home they can escape to during this difficult time...It is such a change of pace for everyone, and it's truly helped to remind them of how important having family time can be."

"Blake loves to take the boys to Oklahoma where he grew up," ET's source added. "They have been spending time fishing, camping and roasting marshmallows. They love just playing for hours in the woods...Blake has also been working on Gwen's dream garden. Gwen just loves it and right now they have time to do it."

See more on the cute couple in the video below.