Gwen Stefani Shares Her Delicious Christmas Tradition With Blake Shelton (Exclusive)

The couple love getting creative in the kitchen during the holidays!

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton love getting creative in the kitchen during the holidays!

Gwen spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura on the red carpet ahead of The Voice's live season 24 semifinals on Monday, which she did her own makeup for using GXVE Beauty products, and she opened up about creating new family traditions with her hubby.

"We started off by always trying to find something that wasn't a tradition -- like, let's try something different, try something new," she recalled of the new-ish routine. "We stumbled across this dish called the Timpano Dome... it's basically like a lasagna but it's in this dome formed either with bread or a pasta. We started doing that a few years ago and now that's the thing, yeah."

Some might be familiar with the Timpano dish from the 1996 Stanley Tucci film, Big Night, though Gwen admitted her family's version may not be totally traditional.

"Probably some Italians might get mad about this, because typically it would be a pasta wrapped around it, but we started doing a pizza dough because it tastes yummy," she noted. "Maybe I'll make the dough myself this year -- which would be a lot on Christmas day... But I might actually do it the day before."

And of course, the impressive dish won't go undocumented, with Gwen promising, "I'll definitely put it on Instagram -- so follow along guys!"

Before the holidays roll around, however, Gwen's got to fight for her remaining team member, Bias, in next week's season 24 finale.

"He's very pure," she marveled of the charming country singer. "I keep falling more in love with him as an artist. He's so real and different."

And of course, Gwen joked that her and Blake's "son" Niall Horan won't be welcome at the holiday table if he beats her out for the season 24 title.

"I will no longer be your stepmother -- it's over," she teased. "Honestly, this season's been incredible -- getting to know him, getting to know Reba and even getting closer to John... It's been a really fun season, really fun, really relaxed."

ET spoke with all the coaches on the red carpet ahead of the season's first live show, and all of them marveled at the range of talent they've seen on the show this year.

"The talent this year has just been like, across the board -- all of our teams are pretty insane," Niall raved. "The voices that I have this year are just like, some of the best singers I've ever heard."

John agreed, saying, "The depth of the talent this season is better than I've ever seen it on this show since I've been here."

"This is my eighth season and I've never seen just this level of quality across the board," he continued. "I'm so impressed with our artists this year."

"I have some amazing singers, and I think it's just gonna come down to at this point people start to fall in love with not just the voice, but the person as well," Gwen shared. "It's ridiculous this season. I know we say that every season and it always feels like that, but this one has a particularly tall order."

"I really couldn't tell you [who might win]," Reba agreed.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT/ET and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.



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