Hailey Bieber Reacts to Gwyneth Paltrow Joking About Sleeping With Her Dad Stephen

The two shared a laugh during Hailey Bieber's 'Who's in my Bathroom' vlog.

It didn't take long for the conversation to start flowing when Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on Hailey Bieber's Who's In my Bathroom on Wednesday. The 49-year-old Goop founder quickly told Bieber that she knows her dad, Stephen Baldwin, from a 1994 independent film, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, they worked together on more than two decades ago.

"He was great, he was so nice," " Gwyneth told Hailey, to which she joked in response, "Imagine if you had some sort of horror story."

"Or, like, [what if I said] I f*cked your dad in the bathroom," Gwyneth said, laughing.

But just because Gwyneth didn't have a shocking story like that for Haiey doesn't mean it hasn't happened to her in the past. "I've had that happen to me, actually" the 25-year-old model shared. "I don't even know if he knows that I know that, but I have had that happen."

Gwyneth reassured Hailey that she "didn't" have sex with her father. "Well, that's good to know," Hailey said.

Despite some awkwardness Hailey might encounter with people knowing her famous dad -- who has starred in recent shows such as Gossip Girl -- the father-daughter duo seem to have a pretty tight-knit relationship. Stephen even gets along with the model's husband, Justin Bieber, whom he introduced Hailey to back in 2009.

Fast forward 10 years later, Justin was taking to Instagram to thank his father-in-law for "letting" Hailey marry him. 

"Me and the wife! and the in laws !! Thanks for lettin ur daughter marry a savage like me," Justin captioned an Instagram post in September 2019. 

Shortly after Justin and Hailey got engaged in 2018, a source told ET that the singer asked for Stephen's blessing before popping the question.

"Justin wanted to respect tradition, so a couple weeks ago, while him and Hailey were visiting New York, Justin set aside some time to talk with Stephen," the source shared at the time. "Justin and Stephen have always had a close relationship, and Justin wanted to show his future father-in-law how serious he is about his future with Hailey."