Halle Berry Says She Got Fired as a Bartender When She Was Underage, But That's Not Why!

Halle Berry on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Halle Berry may be a glamorous Oscar winner these days, but in her youth, she was an underage bartender! The 51-year-old actress opened up to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night about her pre-Hollywood life as a bartender in Chicago.

“I wasn’t even old enough to be a bartender. I was in a big city, and I was 19 years old,” she recalled. “I wasn’t very good, but I ended up being good because I would say, ‘OK, so what do you want?’ And they would say, ‘Sex on the beach,’ and I would say, ‘Interesting, what is in a Sex on the Beach?’ And they would tell me, and I would just start pouring.”

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But it wasn’t Berry’s fake ID that ultimately led her to get fired from the job.

“I put way too much alcohol in everything, so imagine the tips I got, but I lost my job in about three months,” she told Kimmel, laughing. “They were going through liquor like you would not believe.”

These days, Berry is an A-list star who just celebrated reaching 2 million Instagram followers with a funny photo of herself on the toilet in a fur coat. She revealed that it was the only one of her Instagrams that she has Photoshopped.  

“I had to make sure that you could see absolutely nothing. When I first did it, there was a dark spot right between where my legs come together, and I thought somebody’s going to superimpose some lips and say, ‘I see vagina!’” she said. “So I just dropped those [coat] hairs down a little longer. It’s the only picture I ever PhotoShopped on all of my Instagrams, because I’m not going to give somebody that opportunity.”

As for who snapped the cheeky pic, Berry remained tight-lipped, saying, “Well, that’s a secret. It’s a secret who took that picture!”

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The mystery photographer might, in fact, be Berry’s new boyfriend, British music producer Alex Da Kid. The couple posed together on Berry’s Instagram, confirming their romance earlier this week. Shortly after they were spotted out in London together.

For more on the new romance, watch the clip below! 

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