Harry Styles Accepts His BRIT Award With an American Accent and Fans Are Confused

Harry Styles 2021 BRIT Awards
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

The 27-year-old singer took home the Best British Single Award for 'Watermelon Sugar.'

Harry Styles dropped his British accent at the 2021 BRIT Awards. The 27-year-old singer left fans confused on Tuesday, when he accepted the Best British Single Award for his song, "Watermelon Sugar," in an American accent.

"Thank you so much. I just continue to be baffled by moments like this. They make me more and more incredibly grateful to be able to get to do this job every day," Styles, in an American accent, said at the start of his speech. "I'm really happy and proud to be celebrating British music tonight."

Without addressing the change to his voice, Styles added in thanks to both his friends and fans before exiting the stage of the London-held ceremony.

Fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts about the moment, with one writing that he's "starting to sound American," and another claiming that he's "forgetting his roots."

"Why has #HarryStyles got an American accent all of a sudden?" one user questioned, with another pointing out, "HARRY STYLES HAS A BIT OF AN AMERICAN ACCENT IN HIS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH."

Another person on Twitter said Styles' accent switch up left her "beyond sad," while a separate user dubbed the moment her "villain origin story."

 One fan tweeted that Styles' change of speaking "scares me a bit," while another wrote that he should not be "ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE UK UNTIL EVERY TRACE OF AMERICAN IS OUT IF HIS ACCENT!!"

"Not mishearing am I, the lovely Harry Styles speaking with an American accent???" another user questioned. "I nearly fainted."

Styles' change in voice comes amid his rumored romance with American actress and director Olivia Wilde. In addition to their relationship, Styles is set to star in the Wilde-directed, America-set film, Don't Worry Darling, which wrapped filming earlier this year.

"Filming during a pandemic in L.A. was pretty all-consuming. Now they're able to unwind, relax, and really enjoy some one-on-one time," a source told ET of Wilde and Styles last month. "Their idea of a good time is going for a long walk and ducking into a neighborhood pub."