Harry Styles Grinds on Cars, Ziplines Across Traffic During His Crosswalk Concert

Harry Styles

The British singer is the first musician to perform a 'Crosswalk Concert' on 'The Late Late Show.'

Harry Styles made history on Wednesday's The Late Late Show With James Corden by performing the first-ever "Crosswalk Concert." 

Host Corden has done numerous "Crosswalk Musicals" with musical casts, but Styles took on the first concert, jamming out to his hits in the 30 seconds the crosswalk was open to pedestrians. 

To promote the concert, Styles and Corden handed out flyers around Los Angeles, but the former One Direction member was quick to note that they weren't the most effective. 

"Total waste of time! Can't even spell my name right. This one's Justin Bieber!" he exclaimed, holding up a photo of the pop star. 

When it came time for the concert, Styles didn't hold back, shooting off sparklers, dancing and even grinding on cars while singing his song, "Kiwi."

"The next song, 'Lights Up,' is about self acceptance and the freedom that comes with being open and vulnerable. A theme I feel is best represented through modern dance," Corden explains before dressing as a bright sun and dancing around Styles while he sang his new single. When Corden plopped him in the head with his costume, Styles momentarily broke, cracking up into the mic. 

While they brought out giant watermelons and watermelon umbrellas for the song, "Watermelon Sugar," it was the finale of "Sign of the Times" that really attracted attention from drivers. 

Mimicking the music video where he flies through the air, Styles was strapped into a zipline going across the street on cables for the tune. 

Earlier in the week, Styles guest hosted Corden's show, playing a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" with his rumored ex, Kendall Jenner. Watch the clip below to see what they spilled: