Harry Styles’ Puppy-Packed ‘Kiwi’ Music Video Food Fight Will Fill Your Week With Cuteness: Watch!

Harry Styles plays with a puppy

The musician battled a group of school kids in the clip.

Food fight! Harry Styles had some old-fashioned kid fun in his new “Kiwi” music video – in a floral suit, of course.

The former boy bander chose to illustrate his high-energy rock song with a group of fighting school kids, who piled up a mound of baked goods for the ultimate food fight.

One little girl walks in wearing a turquoise blue suit with green flowers all over it, instigating the brawl.  As the icing and cake go flying, Styles (clad in the same suit) pokes his head through the door.

And he’s not alone. Styles is carrying a yellow Labrador puppy, surveying the situation before letting the dog on the ground and unleashing a litter of puppies to eat up the mess. 

Harry Styles + Puppies = Perfection!

And though it’s definitely madness going on there, Styles clarified that, “No children or animals were harmed during the making of this film.”

Watch the clip to see what happens!