Harry Styles Reunites With Superfan 'Grandma' Reina After GRAMMYs Win

Harry Styles at the GRAMMYs
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The 78-year-old Ontario, Canada, native presented Styles with his Album of the Year award at this year's GRAMMYs.

The reunion we needed!

Harry Styles was reunited with superfan "Grandma" Reina at his Coventry, England, concert Monday, just months after the pair met onstage following Styles' epic GRAMMYs win.

The 78-year-old Ontario, Canada, native took to Instagram Tuesday to share photos from her backstage meet-up with the "As It Was" singer, who posed for pics with her and her family.

"Good morning to all the beautiful and loving Harries I met last night at his concert! You were all so beautiful and friendly and kind as I am sure all of you reading this are. So proud to be part of your world," Reina, who was wearing a shirt that read, "I Gave Harry Styles A Grammy," wrote. "Now, imagine my shock and joy when I was invited backstage to meet our Harry and have him walk-in towards me singing the song 'Reunited And It feels so Good' by Peaches And Herb 😂 While giving me a hug."

In addition to getting another hug from the 29-year-old pop star, Reina was able to actually spend some time with Styles, whom she called the most "caring, humble and down to earth" person.

"He is the most caring humble and down to earth person and such a great sense of humour. His smile and joie de vivre lit up the room! I could go on and on forever but simply put he is so kind," she continued. "Let’s all continue to share kindness wherever we go and be proud to be his Fans. getting ready for our next concert this evening. My cup is spilling over ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @harrystyles @hshq."

Reina was one of eight fans to participate in a pre-taped round table discussion at the 2023 GRAMMY Awards, sharing why their favorite artist should go home with the Album of the Year GRAMMY.

At the show itself, Reina had a special moment with Styles when she was given the opportunity by host Trevor Noah to announce that Styles was going home with the biggest award of the night. 

Reina spoke to ET about the unreal moment, and shared what it was like to read Styles' name from the envelope.

"He [Trevor Noah] looked on the other side, and then he looked at me, and I said, 'I'm the oldest. So, he's gonna let me do the honors,'" Reina shared. "He brought it over. But the funny thing is, I did not have my glasses. I wear glasses. I did not have them with me. So, when he gave me the envelope, I said, 'Oh my god, what if I get the wrong name? What if it's not him?'"

She continued "In my heart, I wanted it to be him, and I'm squinting, trying to see the name, and finally I see the Harry there, and that's when I was like, 'Oh, my god!' In my mind, I had no doubt that he was going to win."

As if the moment wasn’t special enough, Styles ran onstage and sweetly embraced Reina before giving his speech. 

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"I really never, never thought, I never dreamt that would happen, so I never thought of it," Reina said about receiving a hug from the singer. "But when he ran up the stairs and came directly at me and then he hugged me. Like, it was a genuine, long hug. It was so great. And I hugged him back, of course, but in my mind, I was like, 'Does he have a grandma? He's missing his grandma.' He's so genuine and it's unreal."

Reina also had a special moment in the audience with Styles when he took home his first award of the night.  

"He’s coming off the stage after getting his first award, we're all sitting there. He's walking. Then all of a sudden, he turns around. He says, 'It's you.' He looks at me. He comes right out of line, comes up to me, gives me a kiss on both cheeks. He grabs my hand," she said of their first interaction.  

Reina said she also presented the "Treat People With Kindness" singer with a card, which he acknowledged he received when they ran into each other inside of the venue. As for what was inside the letter, she said she would rather not say, but told ET it was simply "grandmotherly advice."

To top it all off, Reina was gifted some special merch from the singer before making her way back to Canada. Following the show, Reina’s granddaughter shared that the merch included clothing, a tote bag and some personal pictures.

"I don't know what it is, but he sure is loved, and the way he loves his fans, that resonates. When you go to a concert, you see it. You see it in his eyes," Reina gushed. "I’m just gonna keep talking about him, because he's the greatest."