'Harry Wild' Trailer Sees Jane Seymour Starting a Detective Agency (Exclusive)

Jane Seymour plays a budding detective in Acorn TV’s new murder mystery series. 

This spring, there will be no shortage of Jane Seymour on TV, with the actress starring in an all-new murder mystery on Acorn TV in addition to her recurring role on the CBS sitcom, B-Positive. Ahead of Harry Wild’s April debut, ET has the exclusive first trailer for the series, which sees Seymour’s character starting a detective agency after retirement. 

Created and co-written by David Logan, Harry Wild follows a woman named Harriet who finds herself at a crossroads after retiring from her long career as a university literature professor. After a mugging forces her to move in with her son Charlie (Kevin Ryan), a senior police detective, she starts to interfere in his murder investigation and realizes she has a knack for solving crimes. 

The eight-part series then sees Harriet, with the help of a troubled teenager named Fergus Reid (Rohan Nedd), tackling one new mystery after the next, including chasing down a fledgling serial killer. 

Acorn TV
Acorn TV

“It’s the most amazing writing and amazing show and one I’m so proud of,” Seymour said during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, referring to Logan who also worked with mystery writer Jo Spain on the series. “I mean, it’s all there on the page. It’s hilarious, but it’s also very bright.” 

“Of course, I’m playing an English professor, so I spend the whole time correcting everyone’s grammar, deciphering terrible murders from my knowledge of English literature and history and the rest of it,” she continued. “And Rohan, who plays my sidekick, who quit school and doesn’t wanna learn anything, I’m getting him through his schoolwork while he’s teaching me how to be street smart, which clearly I’m not.”

Seymour added that the best part for her was getting to star in “an action thing and have it be that intelligent.” 

Harry Wild premieres Monday, April 4, 2022 on Acorn TV.