Jane Seymour Talks Possible 'Dr. Quinn' Reboot: 'We All Want to Do It' (Exclusive)

The veteran actress also shared how fooling a co-star helped her get in character for 'The Kominsky Method.'

Is a Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman reboot in the works? Jane Seymour is pushing hard to make it happen!

ET's Katie Krause sat down with the 68-year-old actress at the press day for season two of Netflix's The Kominsky Method on Sunday, where she revealed that she's hard at work to help give the '90s heroine she portrayed a new lease on life. 

"We're trying right now, [series creator] Beth Sullivan has come up with the most amazing concept of what it would be," Seymour shared. "It'd be 26 years later, Joe [Lando] is on board, William [Shockley] is on board. We all want to do it. We are actively, right now, trying to get the rights to do it! I think it belongs on Netflix, don't you?!"

When asked if they've approached Netflix about the concept, Seymour said: "No, I haven't but we are in the process of trying to find a way to get it on a streaming [platform], because i think that's where it belongs. …If you were ever going to have a character that belongs in this generation, with what's going on in the world, we need her." 

The series, which aired from 1993 to 1998, followed a New England physician, Michaela Quinn, who heads to Colorado Springs to start her own practice in the 1860s. The main character faces all the trials and tribulations of the Wild West, while also attempting to convince her community that a woman can practice medicine.

While discussing if she ever misses that character, Seymour joked that, in a matter of speaking, the good doctor is never far away.

"I don't miss her at all because my closet is full of her clothes," she said with a laugh. "And I see Joe Lando all the time."

Seymour also spoke with ET about the possibility of a Wedding Crashers 2, which she said she'd "love" to be a part of. However, when asked if the wheels are in motion for the 2005 comedy to get a followup, she proclaimed: "I know nothing! I know nothing!"

In the film, she played Mrs. Cleary, the wife of the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (Christopher Walken), who chases after Owen Wilson's character.

"I read that role and I said, this is the role," she remembered of discovering the cougar-esque role. "This is the funniest thing I have ever read in my life and I know exactly what I want to do with it."

In the new season of The Kominsky Method, Seymour plays Madelyn, a former flame of Norman's (Alan Arkin), who comes back into his life and shakes things up. The role involved Seymour adopting gray hair, which hilariously confused an old friend on set.

"It was really funny because at the read-through -- I've known [Michael Douglas] forever, 40 years but I don't see him very often -- so it was sort of like an old reunion from back in the day. And the kids and how is Catherine [Zeta-Jones] and all that. And then the next day or two days later, we're on set and he introduces himself to me as Michael…[he] didn't recognize me with gray!"

Seymour explained that the mix-up helped her find the freedom to get out of her own skin and really nail down her sassy role on the show.

"So I was absolutely thrilled. I went, 'Great, yes!' I've got this character -- Madelyn has arrived. So that was one of the nicest things." 

Season two of The Kominsky Method premieres on Oct. 25 on Netflix.


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