Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser Reportedly Close Deal to Revive 'Mad About You'


The two have reportedly signed a deal to begin work on reviving the beloved 1990s comedy, though a network hasn't signed on yet.

The beloved '90s sitcom Mad About You is one step closer to a revival after stars Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser reportedly cut a deal with Sony Pictures Television.

News of the deal, first reported by Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, follows months of speculation about a revival of the series, which featured Hunt and Reiser as a married couple trying to survive work, marriage and life in New York City. Co-creator of the original series, Danny Jacobson, is also reportedly returning for the revival.

Reiser and Hunt have played coy about bringing the show back in recent months, with both of them expressing hope, but also cautioning that they would only do it if it were as good as the original series.

Reiser spoke to ET in January at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where he walked that delicate tightrope when asked about a reboot.

"We were talking about it and somebody says, 'Hey, they're talking about it,' so it became a public thing. But Helen Hunt and I have been discussing and seeing if we want to and if we don't want to and there's lots of reasons to, and lots of reasons not to," Reiser said. "Many reasons to do it. Many reasons not to do it. You know, because we kinda did it and I was always very proud we ended it perfectly and then we went away. So if you come back, you want to make sure it's really good, so that's what we're discussing."

Hunt told ET's Deidre Behar in March that the whole situation was "looking interesting."

"We were very proud of the work we did and we left it with a lot of care," she said. "We just didn't want to come in and wreck it, that was our number one goal and remains our number one goal. But, it does seem compelling to visit these characters 20 years into a marriage after raising an entire human being so depending on some pieces falling into place it could happen."

Meanwhile, Hunt appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, where she was immediately asked about the reboot as well. She gave a similarly coy response.

"I hope it is. It's not for sure yet," she told DeGeneres. "I will say Paul Reiser is in my kitchen a good amount because we're talking about how to make it and not wreck it. We're proud of what we did. So, I hope so."

But nobody should get their hopes up too much, just yet. Despite the reported deal with Sony, the show has not yet been picked up by a network.

For more on the possible return of Mad About You, watch the video below.