Helen Mirren Says Meryl Streep is Her ‘Ride or Die’ in Rap Battle With James Corden: Watch!

Helen Mirren

Don’t challenge Helen Mirren to a rap battle if you’re not prepared to face the consequences! The 72-year-old Oscar winner appeared on James Corden’s “Drop the Mic” segment during Tuesday’s Late Late Show, and she didn’t hold back.

Walking into the ring wearing a royal crown and robe, Mirren immediately requested that Corden “kneel, baby, kneel.”  

Corden kicked things off, rapping, “Back home she’s considered the actress you have to fear. We’re in America now, Meryl Streep lives here. You dated Liam Neeson back in 1982. He left you real quick, he wasn’t taken with you!”

“He’s obsessed with my exes, sorry, James, I’m not single, but you know I taught your little mister to tingle,” Mirren quipped back, wiggling her finger.

Mirren went on to throw out a few more zingers like, “Poor James Corden will never be satisfied until you find a way to get attention deep fried,” and, “This battle was fun. I’m glad that you asked. It’s the only thing you didn’t find in Jimmy Fallon’s trash.”

The acclaimed actress finished the battle with an empowering – and funny! -- message that goes in line with the recent Time’s Up movement in Hollywood.

“You f**ked up James, you desperate tater tot. A woman’s worth isn’t credit to who says she’s hot. Boy’s club bulls**t, I’m done with the crap. You’re welcome for this headline – ‘Helen Mirren Can Rap,’” she continued. “Compare me to Meryl, Judy, Maggie, but why? They’re not my competition, they’re my ride or die! See women are a force to be reckoned with. And I reckon I wrecked you. You’ve been to hell and back, b**ch.”

For more from Mirren, watch the clip below!


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