Henry Cavill Reacts to Finding Out He Died -- See the Pic!

Henry Cavill at Sky Awards
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Henry Cavill was surprised to learn that, according to Wikipedia, he died on Saturday, so the actor made it his mission to set the record straight.

In a bid to assure fans he’s alive and well, the Justice League star took a screenshot of the inaccurate web bio and posted it alongside a selfie showing him utterly confused.

“When you learn that you died 2 days ago…” Cavill captioned the post, in which he frowned and appeared baffled.

Fans rejoiced in the post, posting comments about how he was “literally Superman” since he returned from the dead, with others observing he had, “a lot of energy for a dead man.”

“Looking good for a dead guy ?,” added another fan.

Many celebrities have fallen victim to death hoaxes in the past.

In February, Sylvester Stallone assured fans he had not died from prostate cancer, while Bill Cosby found himself the subject of an “R.I.P. Bill Cosby” Facebook page in 2012.

Actor Robert Redford was wrongfully reported to have died in a golf buggy accident in Santa Monica, California, while GRAMMY-winner Carlos Santana was alive and well when a journalist tweeted that he had been found dead in his car in 2015.

As for Cavill, he’s not just alive -- he has more movies in the works!

Find out more on the British hunk below.


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