Henry Winkler, Ben Schwartz to Guest Star on Paramount Plus' 'Rugrats': First Look (Exclusive)

The second half of season 1 drops Oct. 7.

Rugrats is back for more episodes and it's bringing along some famous faces.

The second half of season 1 kicks off Thursday, Oct. 7 on Paramount+, and ET exclusively reveals the new guest stars lending their voices to the CG-animated revival series. Henry Winkler, Ben Schwartz, Swoosie Kurtz, Raini Rodriguez and Charlet Chung have all joined.

Winkler and Kurtz will voice Boris and Minka, Tommy's Zayde and Bubbe respectively, in the episode "The Bubbe and Zayde Show." Schwartz will voice Lord Crater, the pompous but truly evil villain of The Final Eclipse movie franchise, in “Final Eclipse.” Rodriguez will play Gabi, Betty's niece and the babies' favorite babysitter ever, in "Great Minds Think Alike" and "Betty and the Beast," while Chung will voice Kimi, Angelica's cheerful preschool adversary in "Escape From Preschool."

“It is so much fun being a grandfather and playing a grandfather. While I’m recording my lines, in my mind I’m talking to my actual grandchildren. I just know that this new iteration of Rugrats will delight a whole new generation," Winkler exclusively tells ET.

"I’m so happy to be on this non-stop, whirlwind roller-coaster ride with the most grown-up little kids ever!" Kurtz exclusively tells ET. "Rugrats gives the gift of childhood all over again. Why would anyone want to grow up when you can see life through the eyes of the coolest little kids ever?” 

In the new episodes, the babies will continue to find themselves in a variety of situations by using their wild imaginations, including defeating an “outer space villain,” traveling through Chuckie’s dad’s body, embarking upon a daring mission to break Angelica out of preschool and more. A half-hour, Halloween special kicks off when Tommy needs his friends’ help to save Angelica after she turns into a werewolf at a Halloween party as their parents seem to disappear one by one.

Watch an exclusive clip featuring Winkler and Kurtz below.

The series, which was picked up for a second season in September, reunites original voice cast members EG Daily (Tommy Pickles), Nancy Cartwright (Chuckie Finster), Cheryl Chase (Angelica Pickles), Cree Summer (Susie Carmichael), and Kath Soucie (Phil and Lil DeVille).

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