HGTV Stars Erin and Ben Napier Are Having Baby No. 2 in 'Just a Few Weeks'


The 'Home Town' stars are getting ready to welcome their second child very soon.

Erin and Ben Napier's family will soon be growing even larger! The Home Town stars revealed on Sunday that they are expecting their second baby any day now!

Erin took to Instagram to share a throwback video to when she and Ben welcomed their daughter, Helen, in January 2018.

"By now most of you know that in just a few weeks we will be adding another little face to our home videos and photo albums," Erin wrote. "Just like Helen did, her little sister has made it easy to keep her secret by being tiny even now, and I’m deeply thankful that we’ve had almost 8 months of keeping this our news just for our family and close friends."

"Last spring, I put away the changing table supplies because I no longer had an infant," Erin continued in her caption. "I put it away in the guest room closet and then I cried because I thought how lonesome Helen must feel up there in her crib beside an empty room every night."

She recalled how, several weeks later, "I watched my daddy and his brother standing at my grandmother’s graveside. Two men with many differences strengthened each other. Two men who knew her better than any of us ever could."

"Siblings do that, they know and remember and keep the stories of a family alive. And we wanted that for Helen," Erin continued. "Someone to stand with her when we can’t someday. And now she’ll have a cousin following just a few weeks behind her, too! We are so thankful."

In the video Erin shared, there is also footage of Ben and Helen playing in their family's kitchen, dancing in their back yard, playing on the piano and, finally, sharing with their little girl the sonograms of her sister, who is set to arrive very shortly.

Erin continued in her caption, "Even in our celebrating, I’m thinking of the would-be parents waiting for their own babies."

"For many it can be such a long and difficult journey and I pray for strength for you if that’s where you are," she concluded. "God answers in His own time, not ours, awfully hard as that can be. Sending so much love to y’all today."

The couple shared the news to Instagram and simultaneously shared it on Sunday's new episode of Home Town -- which featured a double pregnancy reveal! As it turns out, Ben's brother Jessie and his wife Lauren are also expecting -- hence Erin's reference to a forthcoming cousin.

Ben shared the same sweet home video as Erin -- also set to Faces' poignant tune "Ooh La La" -- and wrote about his own experience growing up with siblings.

"I grew up with built-in best friends. My 3 brothers and I speak our own language and know the dance when it’s time to move a piano into a house together," he wrote. "Helen will have that with her little sister. It makes me even happier to know that there’ll be another Napier baby right around the corner from us."

"There was a time when @erinapier and I didn’t know if we would have kids," he added. "I would’ve been happy with just the 2 of us, or just the 3 of us, but I can’t wait to see the 4 of us."

Congrats to the happy couple!