Hilaria Baldwin Addresses Reports That She and Alec Were Pulled Over by Police in the Hamptons

Hilaria took to her Instagram story on Monday to share her side of the story.

Sharing her side of the story. Hilaria Baldwin is opening up about her recent road-side run-in with police, and is placing the blame on paparazzi.

After several tabloids ran reports that Hilaria and her husband, Alec Baldwin, had been pulled over by police, Hilaria took to Instagram and claimed she was the one who flagged a police officer down to ask for help after being chased by a paparazzi.

"I drove around, with Alec and [daughter] Carmen in the car until I found a police officer and asked for help from the people chasing me," Hilaria wrote. One in particular that harasses us in such an ugly way got out and started screaming at the police and at me. Saying he is at work and I am getting in his way—apparently because I won’t let him violate me and my family. She made him move [his] car. She told me to always reach out for help."

"So he takes the photos he took, and says I got pulled over. Where I was driving around, looking for someone to help me," she continued. "So, once again: writing made up stuff. As I said, the ny post will come after me more for speaking out. this might make it even worse, but, as I said before, I won’t be silent while you cause harm."

She shared similar remarks on her Instagram story, with a tearful video explaining that she cannot remain silent when people are making up stories about her.

"It's obscene the amount of stuff that they'll just do! The story is already heartbreaking and just unbelievable as it is," Hilaria said in the story posts, referring to the ongoing legal investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of Alec's film Rust back in October.

"Aren't your facts enough for your clicks? Do you have to go and invent more things?" she continued. "Do you have to go and harass to try to find more drama?"

According to Hilaria, who posted a video of the paparazzi she claimed was harassing her, "I was asking for help from you chasing me in a car."

"He drives back and forth in front of our home. See how he isn't looking at the road?" she wrote. "Taking a pic of me as he drives By. This is not safe."

Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

"Just stop writing fake stuff. It's really exhausting. In the end, it just makes us all lose trust that we can believe the news. And the news is so important," Hilaria concluded, with a plea for the media. "Stop undermining this very scared part of our culture by just twisting, fabricating and lying. We need to trust how we are informed."

Some of the tabloids who reported on the incident with the police officer attempted to imply a link between the encounter and the search warrant that was recently issued for Alec's cell phone, in connection to the ongoing Rust investigation. See the video below for more.