Hilary Duff Has Surprising Reaction to Video of Kids Mistaking Her for Lindsay Lohan

The 34-year-old former child star responded to the funny clip on her Instagram Stories.

Hilary Duff is a little relieved that kids today can't always identify her. The 34-year-old How I Met Your Father star took to Instagram to repost a video of a bunch of students misidentifying her as "Lindsay Lohan" and "From Jessie." 

Duff took the mistakes in stride, writing on her Instagram Stories, "Although it's Hilary Duff b**ches aka 'Lizzie' live it, learn it... floral pants are back, man am I happy to not have to be 'good' for the kids anymore." 

Hilary Duff/ Instagram Stories

Duff has been vocal in the past about wanting to move forward from her Disney Channel, Lizzie McGuire days. 

In 2020, a reboot of the hit coming-of-age sitcom was scrapped after the show filmed two episodes. 

Around that time, Duff posted an Instagram Story about the Love, Simon TV show being pulled from Disney+ in February 2020 for not being "family friendly," writing, "Sounds familiar..." 

She later addressed the decision and why the reboot didn't work out. 

"I think they are really trying to figure out what kind of content they want living on Disney+, and that doesn't totally align with like, where I see Lizzie right now, you know, and I'm very protective of her and they're very protective of her," Duff said of the cancellation in May 2021. "But the one thing for me was just the way that she could connect with what was going on in people that were watching the show. It was like, they're watching themselves, you know, and that was where they related. And so for me, it only makes sense to me to shoot a show where she's acting like a 30-year-old in a modern world. And there was a lot of creative discussions where maybe they were thinking that's not quite right, and we were trying to make it work. And, you know, there's always, like, lots of conversations, but I don't think it's going to be happening."