How Becky G & Sebastian Lletget Are Championing Each Other While Living Together During Quarantine (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the singer and her soccer star boyfriend to talk about how they've been spending their time together in quarantine.

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget make the perfect quaran-team.

The 23-year-old singer and the soccer superstar have been cherishing their time together amid Stay at Home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's been four years since the two met and, taking into consideration their busy careers, they finally have a moment to spend quality time with one another. ET's Denny Directo chatted with the couple via video chat this week to talk about how they've been staying busy and supporting one another during quarantine. 

"We met and I was filming a movie. I was living in Vancouver, he was here in L.A.," Becky explained. "He's a soccer player, I'm an artist, so we're constantly in and out. We live together but basically last year [we] only saw each other 10 percent of the year. So we never really saw each other and this time for us has been time to really bond."

Sebastian, 27, added they've had time to "connect" on a level that they hadn't before. "In the beginning, of course, there was some anxiety or worrying about your loved ones. Worried about people you don't even know. That's just the type of people that we are," he said, adding that they're "definitely taking advantage" of their time together and having "moments that we can cherish."

While this may be a trying time for couples, Becky and Sebastian have no complaints. "We're at home, we're stuck together, but we gotta make the most of it," the L.A. Galaxy star said. 

They've had fun trying face masks together, made joint workout videos, and Becky has even helped Sebastian train.

"I'm training outside. I bring her along with me and she showed me a couple of things that she's been working on," the athlete shared, jokingly saying that his girlfriend is a drill sergeant.

"I have the stop watch," Becky chimed in. "I'm counting the seconds for him to set."
"Since the beginning of our relationship, I think we've been a very good counterpart for each other," the "Mayores" singer explained. "You need the other person who's a little bit of that extrovert and then the introvert… Times like these are very triggering and I'm so lucky that I have a partner who knows when to push me and also when to comfort me."

Becky has previously told ET that she and Sebastian don't feel pressured to get married anytime soon. While quarantine has allowed them to bond in new ways, they're still in no rush to head down the aisle. 

"You look at your relationship from a very different perspective [during quarantine]. And I think for us, we realize that there's so much that has been slowed down for us," she explained. "We haven't really gotten to enjoy every phase of the relationship like a normal couple. Four years sounds like a long time, but we're still hitting certain milestones, and you never stop experiencing new things with a partner. And I think that's also something to look forward to."

And while they know that the "whole world" is watching their every move, they're happy where they are now.

"It's us in the relationship. It's me and you and we're just super happy." Becky stated. "I mean, who knows what'll happen when we all come out of this."

Meanwhile, Becky recently released her new single and accompanying music video for "They Ain't Ready." Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she knew that she had to take a different approach to putting her music and merchandise out there.

"I was really turned off by the idea of releasing anything under the format that we were planning to and how things were being released before because now we’re dealing with a world pandemic," she explained. "This is affecting so many people. People are not just losing their lives, they're losing their jobs and they're losing loved ones. And so for me, it was like, how do we, instead of releasing music and making people feel like we're taking advantage of an opportunity, try to sell things… how can we get to a place where we're doing good for others, especially those in need."

As a result, Becky and her brother, Frankie (who is the creative consultant for her merch), created limited edition T-shirts with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Los Angeles Unified School District students.

"I was one of those students and I felt like as an artist you want to help the world, but it’s a hard thing to do when you’re only one person," she explained. "For us, we were like, 'How can we do that?' By starting in our own communities I think was the best approach to it, because then you inspire others to do the same."

For more on how Latinx artists are navigating their careers and giving back amid the pandemic, watch below.



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