How Courteney Cox Pulled Off Epic 'Friends' Surprise (Exclusive)

YouTube star David Dobrik spoke with ET about how he orchestrated the big surprise for his friend's birthday.

Courteney Cox will be there for her biggest fans.

Earlier this week, the former Friends star made headlines when she surprised one of her most devoted admires on her 23rd birthday. ET sat down with YouTube star David Dobrik, who orchestrated the epic moment for his close pal, Suzy Antonyan, on Thursday, where he opened up about how it all went down.

Dobrik explained that Cox's daughter, Coco Arquette, ran into two of his friends, who have known her for many years, and they began planning the big surprise.

"We then connected the pieces," he explained, adding that Suzy loves Friends and they had a way of surprising her with Cox. "We put that together and the day that we surprised her with Courteney, she was wearing a Friends shirt, completely by coincidence because the night before she went on a Friends tour."

Dobrik, who parodies Friends on his YouTube channel, joked that he was scared that Cox would relay that to her team and get sued. Thankfully, he said, "I don't think she had any idea what I was doing. I think her daughter was just nice enough to be like, 'Mom, you've got to do this.'"

In Dobrik's video with Cox, while they surprise Antonyan with a Friends-themed birthday cake, the actress comes up behind her and says "Happy birthday" before giving her a hug. The birthday girl, naturally, freaked out and started crying. 

ET caught up with Cox in October, where she reflected on her time on the show and working with onscreen brother David Schwimmer. Watch below to hear more.